Just Watched: Time Renegade


Oh my God, if you haven’t seen it, please watch the movie! Time Renegade gives me Signal vibe! But, because it is a movie, everything went fly so fast!!! I mean, it is done already?? You really can’t take your eyes away! It was so suspense that for the first time, I really wanted to bite my nails! And I got short nails! This thriller movie is definitely worth watching. The future is changed because of the past. As I’m typing this, my tears are still rolling down my cheeks. I didn’t expect the show to be not extremely good, but so touchy! I was afraid that the movie has a cliffhanger ending. From the way I see it, I couldn’t see a happy ending at all. But nope, the movie turned around brilliantly and the ending was simply beautiful.

This is another brilliant Korean movies I saw this year! It was directed brilliantly! Imagine if the movie handed to a less-skilled director, it won’t be this good. Prop to the PD! He was able to use superb techniques and applied to both 1983 and 2015 scenes. In addition, great execution by Lee Jin Wook, Im Su Jeong and Jo Jung Suk.  Again, I can’t get enough of saying how good Time Renegade is. This movie is worth watching a hundred time!!!


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