W – Two Worlds: Lipseu Recap Episode 1


Welcome to W – Two Worlds: Lipseu Recap, where the intention of our recaps is to squee on Lee Jong Suk’s lips. If possible, of course! I hope you enjoy reading our recaps!


Mari: Well! We should also probably talk about the story too considering it’s good. How many times have you read a book or manga & wish to meet the hero/heroine in RL? Which is what happens here! When Oh YeonJoo gets sucked into the world of her favorite Manhwa & she meets the beautiful Kang Chul in the flesh.

Erl: We definitely should talk about the story too, which I think is spectacular! Being sucked in a manga, come on? How’s that not spectacular? And the characters, I say gold. Beautiful Kang Chul and Oh YeonJoo. Oh YeonJoo, how to be  you?

Me: I really want to be her character. This is like the dream come true… Except I’m not the character. Yeon Joo is!


Mari: Meet Oh YeonJoo a medical resident ( not sure what year). Judging by the fear she has of her supervisor we assume she’s not very good at her job. Then when we meet her supervisor and our assumptions are confirm by him. The only bright side! He is a huge fan of “W” the current hit Manhwa and it’s beyond himself when he finds out that Oh YeonJoo is the writer’s daughter! He orders her to pump her dad for spoilers.

Me: Isn’t she a residence now? I don’t know… She is too quirky for a doc! But I still love her!

Erl: She’s really quirky, a sentiment worth repeating! She seems to be having a hard time at work too. Also, I’m getting confused, I just saw that actor somewhere and he’s just a college student. LOL


Me: Oh my God, her dad’s assistant is hilarious!

Erl: Right? I like him, I need funny.

Mari: Oh Yeon Joo knows her dad will never give her spoilers so she calls his assistant Park SooBong and it’s told her dad is missing!

Me: Smart move, Yeon Joo!


Me: I screamed! This was super scary! Oh my god!

Mari: the fun begins! Oh YeonJoo rushes to her dad’s house & is told he mysteriously disappeared. While searching in his office she also finds out via Park SooBong that her dad was planning to kill his manhwas main character. Oh YeonJoo can understand this and then suddenly something grabs her coat! And bam! She’s now on top of a rooftop and a bleeding Kang Chul is on lying on the floor!

Erl: The question is, how and why did she end up there?


Me: Do you know I have blood phobia? But Kang Chul makes it really good! I see no blood here!

Erl: I don’t see the scary blood, I see luscious lips, colors draining away but still luscious.

Mari: Oh YeonJoo freaks out for a minute, runs to get help! Then remembers she’s a doctor & does her best to stop the bleeding/help him breathing (by the way!!! There’s no way that pen was sharp enough to penetrate! But I’m letting it go!) Also how can he look so beautiful cover in blood? While he is being wheeled away to an ambulance the word “To be continued” show up on screen and Oh YeonJoo is back in her dad’s office.

Me: Uhm, with a force, you can stab people with a pen! Have you not seen Jason Bourne??? And I have seen this practice in the medical world before… Well, from drama, of course! lol


Me: Why so serious? *laughs*

Erl: Not the joker question, noooo!! I’m digging the blueness of this, and poetically speaking, he’s blue – melancholic.

Mari: filler info on Lips…. I mean Kang Chul. Olympic gold medalist, his family was murdered in cold blood and he was accused of the crime tried & sentenced. In a retrial, he was let go because of insufficient evidence. He then tries to end his life but does not go through with it at last minute. He is now very rich ( more info on how later) Also looks wonderful in the rain!! Let him walk in the rain show!!!


Erl: Not you’re the inspiration? Wait this is not some lyric of a song right? Who’s he talking about?

Me: He is talking about me, right?


Me: Is she sure he’s looking for her? I believe he’s looking for me!

Mari: our unnie is delusional…  Ok, Kang Chul survives the attack & now the police  ( Kang Chul too) is looking for Oh YeonJoo to figure out what happen on the roof!!

Erl: He’s probably looking for a reason, I think. In any case this here, this trippy scene here is a winner.


Mari: ahhh, so I forgot to add that everything that happened once Oh YeonJoo got to the roof is in now drawn in the manhwa! So she has to go through this trippy feeling of seeing herself in the story!!!

Me: it’s a bit creepy to see yourself drawn into a manhwa. I would freak out too!

Erl: Magically drawn. How long did all that take, though? Drama, give us all you’ve got! We got our freak on!


3 thoughts on “W – Two Worlds: Lipseu Recap Episode 1

  1. The pen thing.. I never seen anyone just use a pen! They usually have a knife to make the incision then use the pen.., can I pen really work by itself? Now I’m questioning this!!!


    • I’ve seen it somewhere in a movie. But you need force to make it work. She must have (even though she looks weak) channeled all her energy on her wrist before stabbing him with that pen.


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