W – Two Worlds: Lipseu Recap Episode 2



So are you all ready for more of Kang Chul and his gorgeous lips? *side note: we had to redo episode 2 again! Erl wrote “maybe someone edited it to be gone? Is a writer writing our story? Are we in manhwa, too?*


Mari: can we also talk about his clothes? I love his stylist! Keep giving him nice fitting shirts! His legs kinda freak me out & he has no butt (somewhere Nelly whimpers by the no butt option) and his legs are really long! So where was I going with this? OMG I just realize he is sort of biting his lip here!

Me: le sigh. I’m disappointed with his butt. I prefer my man curvy in that department XD Is he biting his lips? I couldn’t tell. His lips just simply gorgeous. I don’t mind kissing it!

Erl: I wanna bite that lip. Before someone else does. LOL. Let’s see, though, someone’s having a hard time.


Mari: Oh YeonJoo can’t get anyone to believe her story! Also, how has dad managed to keep his story lines secret considering Park SooBong tells Oh YeonJoo everything?

Me: I just want his T-shirt! But shouldn’t Soo Bong knows her dad’s plan for the manhwa? Does he do whatever without planning with his team? I don’t know how a cartoonist works but from what I know, they don’t work alone.


Me: I didn’t know you can get a heart attack when you’re OD with potassium! This is insane. Should I slow down on my banana intake?

Erl: My thoughts exactly! Just when I fell in love with banana. Banana on my bread, banana everywhere.

Mari: I google this (side note: wow there’s a lot of information on the internet & I probably just got off putting with some list) the answer is. It’s possible  but it’s not pure potassium (meaning it usually mixed with something else). If I remember my 10-grade science class, pure Potassium explodes when mixed with water & our bodies are water sooooo….) & it has to be injected. In other words Nelly, you can keep eating bananas.

Me: *reaches for her banana*


Mari: did anyone actually believe she was not going to reach him? Also, he needs to fire his bodyguards. How did you not notice the shady nurse?

Erl: I love this twist. You know, the princess saving her prince. This here is awesome. And I really have a thing for strong women.


Me: what’s the big deal? His conclusion is too theoretical. Is she really beautiful? As a man, you should already know the answer.

Mari: once again we have to pretend our girl is ugly? If she’s ugly, someone please get me a paper bag so I can wear it 24/7

Erl: I’ll take one of those paper bags if that someone has an extra.


Mari: puppy!!!!!! This one is a tall drink of water! Perfect for climbing! It still bothers me that he is the “hyung” here.. Sure  why not?

Me: How he is a hyung really bothers me, too! But I can’t help judging how huge his face is!

Mari: don’t think as his face being huge. Think of how much space you have for “fun times”

Erl: Yeah, I don’t think his face is that huge too. And he has a really nice nose, piercing eyes..


Me: This scene was cool! Seriously… I would freak out if I see the time moving this fast before my eyes!

Erl: I would probably have a mental breakdown. Gives a new meaning to time goes by so quickly.

Mari: Do you also age when times moves this quickly? If not sign me up!!! Also here’s  the part where he shows up in my favorite shirt!!!

Mari: I have no clue why I love this shirt! But it looks amazing on him! Also, if I google this correctly that’s an $90, 000 dollar car our lips is driving!!

Me: That is a ridiculous amount of price for a car! I want to see him crash it! But I agree with you, Mari. He looks god damn beautiful in this jeans shirt!

Erl: Seriously?! That bleeding red car cost that much?! Unbelievable! Oh and I think he looks gorgeous in anything.

Erl: I cringe so much during this scene. It’s genius and embarrassing at the same time.

Mari: I love her brain! Must shock him so I can leave!! What can I do? She’s obviously read a lot or watched many dramas! I’ll admit I would have done the kissing first… But that’s just me!

Me: slap and kiss? Sounds very Thai drama to me lol


Me: Mistake? Pffftttt

Mari: dad is Crazy with a capital C… Also theories? I can’t believe Kang Chul really is a manhwa character. Also, what would you do if you found out you don’t exist? Has anyone seen “The Truman Show”?

Me: OMG Truman Show! Yes! You’re brilliant, Mari!


Mari: take a shot every time Dad tries to kill Kang Chul! (any type of shot just beware of consequences). Also, the main character can’t die!! We will see him soon!

Erl: Soju! Only because I miss it. And I so agree with Mari on this one. This is a 2 episode drama, Kang Chul shall live until the end!

Me: I can’t believe truck of doom is everywhere!


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