W – Two Worlds: Lipseu Recap Episode 3


More lips to come…. Are y’all ready? I know Erl and Mari are! Ok, let’s kiss… I mean, let’s partay!


Me: Is it just me? I don’t find that dress drop dead gorgeous. The pattern is too busy!

Mari: where are we? Oh, she’s back & goes to her dad’s office to figure out what’s going on! Also, I love that dress on her. On me, it would look ridiculous.

Erl: Yeah, I think it looks really good on her. Love the heels too. They said somewhere it weighs 25kg.

Mari: ahhh Park SooBong finally gets what’s going on and I love all his reactions to it! Starting with his falling on the ground & screaming.

Erl: And the almost 21 questions.. Yeah, yeah, advertise that you’re not just working as the manhwa’s artist, you’re also a complete fan of it!

Me: Perfect convo, right there!

Mari: lol.. How was the kiss? Really Park SooBong, that’s the most urgent question you have for her? How about, how  are you getting in the Manhwa? Why? What’s going on?

Erl: Don’t forget: why can’t I do it too? He seriously loves his job.

Me: You know, I would ask the same question! I’m nosy like that!


Erl: Poor dad, I know it’s hard to be left all alone. Now you’re just like Kang Chul, only your family just left and didn’t die.

Me: He’s drinking his pain away… But now I know where Kang Chul is from!

Mari: I don’t get why dad did not freak out from the beginning? He really thinks he was so drunk he forgot? Also, what’s controlling Kang Chul’s world? Why did he refuse to jump? All these questions!


Me: Have you all seen Quantum Leep? Her disappearing act seems like it! But done flawlessly, of course!

Erl: Completely flawless. Just like that, boom! She’s back in manhwa world and finally in Kang Chul’s arms.

Mari: the scary part of these jumps is that she left both her purse & phone behind? Why? What’s the logic behind it? Also what would had happened to her stuff of Park SooBong was not on the phone with her?

Me: Hey, at least she’s not naked when she jumps to manhwa world!


Mari:*quickly throws her editing tools away* I was not about to place a picture version of me on his arms! Also, I asked this on Twitter, how much must she weight? He does not look like he is even out of breath!

Erl: Have you seen the BTS of this? I can’t believe how at ease he looks. LOL

Me: NO!!! I want to see the BTS now! Can you post the link here? For us to…. laugh and ogle?


Me: Sorry Park Shin Hye, I’m shipping your boyfriend with Hye Joo hard now!!!! *squee*

Mari: I don’t think they are dating, but that may be because I’ll forever ship her with Yonghwa.

Me: You’re Beautiful moment *cupid moment*


Erl: It doesn’t matter what everyone thinks, buddy! All that matters is you think she’s beautiful.

Me: I agree! If he thinks she is, then she IS beautiful. In my opinion, she is beautiful! It’s not rocket science, Kang Chul!

Mari: you guys!!! He is actually speaking to me!!! Me!!!!!


Me: Good lord, where did this man come from? Who do you think he is? Her dad??? Any guess, girls?

Mari: Dad is at it again! But honestly, how did his manhwa become popular if all his “let’s kill Kang Chul” plans are so lame!


Mari: I love that the underwear freaked her out. I would go with the gun; after all, she wants to keep him safe no?

Erl: I chose none, I chose none. I’m a coward.

Me: Puhleeeeeez, give me the bra!!!!


Me: Can I flash them too? But wait… I need to wax, shave and… Never mind. I won’t flash them. They might run away… My one abs is too attractive for them *laughs*

Erl: I need to take a deep breath and stop being embarrassed for her sake.

Me: Okay… Sorry, can he kiss me too??? *giggle*

Mari: I watched this scene while eating lunch at a restaurant. I could not stop laughing & the server had to ask if I was ok. Try to explain to a stranger that you are watching a Kdrama & it’s funny? Can you?

Erl: Luckily I watched this at home and I was squeeing like crazy. And no, I don’t think I can explain it to a stranger, can’t even explain it to my roommates, how can I have the words to say to a complete  stranger?

Me: Bingo. He got himself a good victim *laughs*


Mari:this whole exchange made me giddy! And then he winks and I was a goner!!! I was in luv!!! Luv!!!

Erl: Look at that goofy smile. Yes, she’s not married, that’s something to celebrate about.

Me: *doing my happy dance* She’s single. She’s single. She’s single!


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