W – Two Worlds: Lipseu Recap Episode 4


Oh my god, how are we four episodes in already? This show is so good and moving too fast! Someone, please stop the time!!! Wait, don’t! We need to see the next episode!


Me: He should play a vampire in his next drama. Look how pale he is! I love my man with a bit of color. A bit tan. I think I need my sunglasses now.

Erl: Which sunglasses? The one you wore At the Top? He’d make a good vampire. Until now I’m wondering why wasn’t he in Vampire Idol with Woobin.

Mari: *staring at you guys confused* if you guys don’t want him… That’s totally ok!! Milky skin works for me!


Mari: I’m glad that he knows all the problems he has had lately don’t make any sense. Especially going to the roof without his bodyguard! But I’m still wondering if there’s more than just her dad trying to kill him.

Erl: Yes, think about it, the things happening to you, it doesn’t make any sense!

Me: I mean, yeah… He appeared out of nowhere! How? Why? Kang Chul ah…. Did you see a hole in the sky? Is he from hell?


Erl: Are you honestly complaining that someone is attending to all of your needs? Cause I don’t think I would.

Me: Where is my butler? I need one, too!

Mari: but it would be awkward for someone that’s not used to it! Think about it! This is something normal people get done by themselves.


Me: lol I’m feeling the same way too! Oh, my heart…

Erl: My heart goes – dugun, dugun. I love you too, Kang Chul!

Mari: this has the lip biting again!! Lord save my heart!! I wonder how many of those I can survive! Also, I swooned when he said he might be affected by her constantly saying “I love You”

Mari: I’m slowly dying here!! Luv him & I’m suffering from second-hand embarrassment on her behalf!

Erl: At least she admits that she’s a psycho with everything that she’s doing, I’m all good with that.

Me: Who wouldn’t confess to a guy like him? If I can get over with my own shyness, I would do the same, too!

Mari: I hate her!!! So I think we need to talk about her! Sure she thinks she’s doing this to help Kang Chul, but she’s also jealous & spiteful. This had more to do with getting Oh YeonJoo out of his life, then helping him. Also yes, you are boring!

Erl: Correct! She’s trying to play the hero when she is the designated villain. Reminds me of this movie Wreck It, Ralph.

Me: I tend to skip her scene since she’s boring! lol


Erl: I’m expecting the secretary to go batshit but I didn’t expect her to be that ruthless.

Me: She’s  just jealous. And I hate that she uses safety excuse to protect Kang Chul! Listen, girl, you can’t even protect yourself!

Mari: she totally walked into a trap!


Me: You’re fired! Goodbye, Soo Hee-ssi! *waves*

Erl: Can we take note of how well he justified firing her cause that speech deserves slow claps.

Mari: I love this! He never sounded angry but all the words he said were aimed to cause damage. He has a point, he can’t work with someone he can’t trust!


Mari:*raises hands in air* I volunteer to cheer him up!!! Me! me! me!

Erl: I think I will never get over how good his lips are. Pouting, frustrated, doesn’t make any difference. Still looks gooood.

Me: I  know, right? Gah… it hurts me to see him this pretty!


Erl: That’s the ultimate shocker right there! I can almost hear Kang Chul breaking down.

Me: I can’t believe she told him the truth, though! That’s like slapping Kang Chul’s pretty face again!

Mari: I’m glad he knows! But ahhh how do you react to being told you are not real? Also, how do you explain her disappearance? It’s obviously on CCTV!

Me: When she disappeared, I went beserk on his behalf! Seriously, someone should panic!


Me: Sorry, the truth is harsh. What you see is your reality now!

Erl: Yes, gorgeous, believe it, you’re surrounded by statues.


Me: He crossed to our world!!!! Why Seoul??? Why can’t to DC??? Oh, c’mon, PD-nim!!! *throws cat toys to tv*

Erl: I’m so ready for the next episode! Bring on the shock of Kang Chul’s lifetime!

Mari: In the words of the great Macklemore… “This is f$&(&)  awesome!!” Was anyone a bit disappointed we got a “Terminator” landing but he was fully clothed? No fair! Give me more now!

Me: Me! ME! I want butt naked Kang Chul scene!


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