W-Two worlds: Fangirling Over Lipseu Episode 5 


Nelly: Notice the difference? We are officially fangirling! No more recapping lol. RJWQ and Mari are right! *wink*

Me: yes! Fangirling (is this a real word?) makes more sense!

Nelly: Nope, Webster hasn’t accepted it yet lol

Me: OMG! Was this episode good? I love it! It gave us so much information on our hero. I remember reading a few reviews and people were saying that they could not feel anything for our main character because they did not know him. Well, we have all the info! Let’s go!!

Nelly: My head is about to explode! Wow!!!! 

Erl: It’s info overload! OVERLOAD! Something is about to short circuit.

Me: Kang Chul is now walking around in “Real Seoul” and after seeing an advertisement for “W” he heads to a bookstore! Smart cookie! I must add once again.. Hot when wet!

Erl: I have a question. Is that bookstore doing well? Where are the customers? How come it seems so empty? How come nobody approached him when he started opening the packages? Hmmmm.. *scratches chin*

Me: lol. I wonder the same thing! Why did no one ever come check on the hot crazy guy in the manhwa display?

Nelly: Yeap, why don’t anyone recognizes him???? Are they all stupid or something? 

Me: Kang Chul decides he has to read up on his whole life story. He reads all 33 volumes and we are given lots of cool memories? Flashbacks? Also, I tried to capture his lip biting in action, I fail miserably.

Nelly: *licks herself* cuties! Wait wait wait… 33 volumes? He sure enjoyed reading on… himself *laughs*

Erl: 33 Volumes in one day? Wow! Just wow! I can’t even begin to imagine how he feels, seeing his whole life in pages after pages of comic books.

Me: no contex I just liked them!

Erl: Bromance? Anyone?

Nelly: Bromance it is! 

Me: I love that his second stop was her! Girl, how did you forget your fiancé already?

Erl: Make sense, though. It seems everybody knows she’s loveless.

Nelly: Well, as a doctor, love is far from her mind. 

Me: Rooftop conversation! Girl, why aren’t you jumping him?

Erl: Is there a turn of some sort, maybe we can jump him instead. No? Just a suggestion.

Me: *raises hand to volunteer for this, again*

Nelly: You can always count on Mari!

Me: yes, I did try to get the kiss from every angle! Boy! He does all the work! Girl, how can you just stand there?

Nelly: Good job! Can we get another 360-degree kiss in motion??? 

Erl: I swear, I watched this scene several times. That kiss is just… It melts you inside, and there’s fluttering too. Sugar!!

Nelly: I think I’m having hot flashes! Got our 360-degree kiss!

Me: she’s lost it! Now all her coworkers think she’s insane & it’s funny!

Erl: If they only knew she’s telling the truth.

Nelly: I can’t help but gasping for her! Oh goodness, she is so full of herself now!

Me: the big confrontation has started! We find out that Oh YeonJoo was not the first person Kang Chul pulled into the Manhwa.

Nelly: My jaw was on the floor!!!! 

Erl: Now that’s surprising. I think there’s always a surprise with this show.

Nelly: True that! What else could it be?

Me: holy cow! I knew dad was insane, but he actually stabbed him himself. Also, for those still upset about Kang Chul shooting Oh YeonJoo, we get an explanation here. Kang Chul knew the bullets would not hurt her.

Erl: Which makes sense. He knew all along what’s gonna happen cause he remembers! He’s brilliant!

Nelly: Except I am not brilliant! I was confused! And then I remember… How can a manhwa character be smarter than me? 

Me: I have a thing for arms! I also like beds! 2 things in one picture!

Nelly: Give me a bed, a comfortable and a man next to me. Heavenly… 

Erl: That’s a gift that keeps giving.

Me: All Kang Chul wants its justice. He demands it from writer Oh. Then his world is shattered when writer Oh tells him he never had a culprit! The killing of his family was just a plot device to give the hero of the story a reason to thrive. He ( writer Oh) basically goats Kang Chul into shooting him!

Nelly: In a way, he deserves it! He asked for it!

Erl: How can he be called an author if he doesn’t have the complete set before jumping in the story? So he just winged it, all those time? Wait.. I thought he cared about his character, why can’t I feel it?

Me: I was reading an interview with 3 author friends & they talked about something related to this. One of them likes to storyboard her writing so she a beginning and end. She needs a foundation while the other 2 just sit & write. They let’s inspiration guide their books. So yes there’s writers that have no clue where their story is going till they get there.

Final thoughts…

Me: OMG is crazy dad really dead? That was a shot in the chest at close range? So what does that mean for our OTP? Is Kang Chul staying?

Nelly: I don’t know. I’m freaking out now! I’m afraid to watch episode 6 now!

Erl: I’m not sure what’s gonna happen next anymore, I have absolutely no theory whatsoever which is good because it means I’ll be on my toes and probably will bite my nails waiting for what’s to happen.


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