W-Two Worlds: Fangirling Over Lipseu Episode 6 


Alice has nothing on how confused I am with this episode. We have a lot of stories to cover so there will be less time to fangirling. We spend most of our time with Oh YeonJoo dealing with the aftermath of Kang Chul’s visit to “real Seoul”.

Nelly: boooooooooooo!

Me: Kang Chul walks out of Writer Oh house holding the gun. He stops to tell Park SooBong (who dropped to the ground when he heard the gunshot) to call for help & maybe Writer Oh will survive.

Nelly: Remember when he shot Yeon Joo was shot and was fine? I wonder if Writer Oh would survive, too. It’s impossible if his gun works in real world. Impossible! I wreck my brain thinking of this! Am I crazy?

Erl: That’s what I am thinking! I mean technically it’s not a real gun, so will Yeon Joo’s dad survive? *bites nails*

Me: Oh YeonJoo heard the shots & left her cab in a sprint only to find the paramedics working on her dad. Dad is rushed to the hospital with both the paramedics & Oh YeonJoo work to keep him alive. While all this going on I keep hoping it’s a fake out! Someone is going to tell me Kang Chul only pretended to do this!

Nelly: Exactly! I was hoping so, too! I was surprised that Kang Chul shot him! He really wanted to make a point there! That he is not what Writer Oh thinks he is!

Erl: I’m with you girls, I really hope it’s a fake out I mean just look at Yeon Joo, she’s so broken.

Me: While dad is in surgery Park SooBong tells Oh YeonJoo that Kang Chul shot Writer Oh (he calls him Teacher but I been calling him Writer so let’s just call him Writer Oh). He keeps reproaching Oh YeonJoo for saving Kang Chul’s life. Dude!!! I think she feels guiltily enough already, please don’t add more weight to her guilt.

Nelly: Why do I keep remembering his name as Bong Soo? *laughs* You’re right, Mari. The guilt on her shoulder is too heavy.

Erl: Bong Soo? Not Bingsu? ^_^ Sorry, too hot here. Anyways, you ladies are precise, I agree. She’s suffering enough as it is, stop tormenting her!

Me: A rare Kang Chul sighting in this episode! Get me a pokeball! I have to catch him! (sorry, my life just blurred together) Kang Chul has stopped by the hospital to drop off a letter for Oh YeonJoo. (This is not looking good, what are you going to do boy?)

Nelly: Go catch a pokeMan instead, Mari! *giggle*

Erl: Definitely not looking good but can we note that he handed a letter instead of talking to her in person. Does that mean that he can’t bear to leave her or something? Is he in love her? Is he afraid he’ll change his mind? What kind of pokeMan is he? (My life is as blurred as Mari’s.)

Me: Dad makes it through the surgery but it’s still in intensive care. The next morning Oh YeonJoo gets a call from her dad’s publisher. They have been send a new episode of W (what? How is this possible? Who send it, who is drawing this?)

Nelly: My thoughts exactly! Who drew it? It can’t be Kang Chul. It can’t be Yeon Joo. I’m starting to have a new theory here, ladies. Is it possible? Should I say it now?

Erl: Say it, say it! I’m so lost right now, I’ve pulled my hair thrice!

Me: Oh YeonJoo asks the publisher to send her a copy and she’s shocked to see that everything that has happened recently is in it. Kang Chul crossing over, the rooftop kiss and dad being shot. There’s also what happened after Kang Chul shot Writer Oh. We see him dispose of the gun, and like Writer Oh had taunted him earlier, Kang Chul can’t live with the guilt and heads to bridge. He jumps off & we see him floating. We also see the words “The End” in the bottom of the page. (let’s take a few minutes to process this with Oh YeonJoo)

Nelly: The End? What??????? Maldoandwae! Impossible!!!! *pulls hair*

Erl: Nooooo!!! Aren’t we just in Episode 6, how is it the end already? *checks Wikipedia* I knew I was not seeing things, it says 16 episodes. What’s happening here?

Me: Writer Oh wakes up and he is told of Kang Chul’s end. Park SooBong & Oh YeonJoo also tell him about the chapter & how they came up with a way to explain what happen. They release the comic & then say Writer Oh had a nervous breakdown because of his work & tried to kill himself.

Nelly: I would commit suicide if I were Writer Oh! It’s absurd!

Erl: He was slowly dying anyways already, what with all the alcohol.

Me: Fans of “W” are not happy with the ending and the publishers beg Oh YeonJoo to convince her dad to change it. She knows he won’t and let them know.

Nelly: I have to say Yeon Joo said the right thing. I would want to protect my dad, too.

Erl: Here, here. She’s a filial daughter.

Me: I was so sad during this lines! She says them like she’s trying to convince herself too!

Nelly: Right? But I had a good laugh as well… It is, after all, just another manhwa! No biggie! Life goes on, people! Do I sound too cruel?

Erl: Yes Nelly, you sound cruel, I love it, though. Let me just say, how do you convince someone else if you can’t even convince yourself to think that it is just a manhwa?

Me: Oh YeonJoo can’t let go. That night she talks to her dad. Yes Writer Oh, tells us what happens? I always wonder myself.

Nelly: I always wonder myself, too. My imagination can go wild if I don’t curb it!

Erl: Yes, let us in on the secret, please. We’re dying to know!

Me: Writer Oh tells her he won’t change the end. He tried but he could not, the drawing pad refuse to let him. He also tells her that he won’t change the ending because she’s become a main character in the story. She can’t be the main character because she’s real.

Nelly: I still can’t believe no one recognizes her! I mean, the whole country is reading on this manhwa!

Erl: Well, they didn’t recognize Kang Chul as well right?

Nelly: Yup! Are people dumb?

Me: life goes on a few weeks later… Oh YeonJoo gets roped by her supervisor into a blind date. (I died when she said this!)

Nelly: I died laughing too!

Erl: It’s hilarious! And I had a realization, most doctors in k dramas don’t usually wash their hair. I’m looking at you DotS.

Me: Oh YeonJoo excuses herself from the date & goes to bathroom. While on the phone with her coworkers she finds herself submerged under water and see Kang Chul floating there. She tries to swim to him but can’t reach him.

Nelly: I thought she gave up too easily!!!!

Erl: How did she got dragged in? Is it because she jokingly asked her coworker for a weekly blind date?

Me: She rushes back to the table & asks to use their phone. She scrolls through the last episode of W and sees the last frame has been changed.

Nelly: *gasp* oh my god! Is this a dream?????????

Erl: YAY! I knew it, it’s not goodbye! There’s more to come.

Me: Oh YeonJoo runs out the restaurant & goes to find Park SooBong. She has a plan, Kang Chul can be rescued!

Nelly: Yeap, she decided to wash her hair! Blind date is off!

Erl: Quickly, rescue the prince in distress. Another role reversal, keep it coming!

Me: while they both tried to figure out how the ending change & why it changed. We are taken to the bridge where Kang Chul jumped from & a person dressed in black stand on top. This is the figured that tried to kill Kang Chul multiple times.( how is he here? He is now in Oh YeonJoo world, how?)

Nelly: who the f*ck is he???? why don’t we see his story anywhere in the manhwa? a doppelganger?

Erl: I think you’re right Nelly, he’s a doppelganger! And he’s not in the story because Writer Oh got lazy to write about him. Remember when he said Kang Chul’s family got killed off so he can be a better hero?

Me: Oh YeonJoo gets Park SooBong to draw scenes for W but nothing seems to be working. Disheartened they take a break into he has an idea.

Nelly: Why can’t YeonJoo do it?

Erl: Yes, why can’t she. She can totally do it, I saw a scene earlier, she was young and she draws quite well.

Me: next scene we have Oh YeonJoo on the floor of a jail cell & Kang Chul jumping, being rescued & waking up in his bed. They are both back inside W.

Nelly: This episode went fly too fast! I was confused and stunned at the same time. What and how are all over my face right now!

Erl: Look how happy Yeon Joo is. I’m a having a whiplash but also happy that Kang Chul’s alive and They’re back in manhwa world. Bizarre, but I crave for more.

Final thoughts

Me: Not enough Kang Chul in this episode! But I like the way the story is going. I’m starting to believe that theory I seen floating all over that Kang Chul is Oh YeonJoo’s creation. Not that her father stole her idea, but that she created a version of him & her dad  based him on her daughter’s idea. I’m very sad there might not be any episodes this week because of the Olympics. I guess I can watch 1-6 again while I wait.

Nelly: I don’t mind the wait…. But I’m really curious what is going to happen next! I love the development so far despite some flaws. I agree with Mari, not enough Kang Chul in this episode. Is this means he gets less pay too? *laughs* Sorry, I can’t help it! Ooooh, before I forget, back to my theory! Could it be that we are watching a manhwa within a manhwa? And that the man in the robe (wannabe Assasin’s Creed) is the true writer who wants to kill all of his characters? Does my theory make sense at all? Am I crazy?

Erl: I’m gonna slow down on the theories cause wow! This is a whole new ballgame right here, anything can happen. I do agree with Mari that it’s possible that Kang Chul is really Yeon Joo’s creation, there are scenes to prove that. Which means Kang Chul is right, Yeon Joo is indeed the key to his existence. I would love to see this play out but I guess maybe we’ll have to wait for two weeks to find out. Speaking of Olympics, the South Korean Shooting Athlete placed 2nd on the Men’s 10m Air Pistol event. Not really relevant, just wanted to share. ^_^


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