Just Watched: Another Parting


Another Parting was on my plan to watch list. I got curious and asked Max sunbae on Twitter. He said, “I’m hopelessly biased of course because it is Wang Ji Won’s first lead, but bearing that in mind, I thought it was quite good.” That’s a good enough reason for me to start watching it. Besides, since this web Korean drama is only 5 episodes long, with each episode about 10 minutes , I thought it was good of my time to catch up on it before going to bed.


This drama is weird but quite good. An alien inhabited a dying person’s body and was asked to figure out what makes a human cry. This alien took Young Mo’s body and searched for a human. He met Ha Na who was about to jump off the bridge. She had a tough life and so Young Mo approached and asked her reason for crying. And then we were transported to a different scene where the caused of Ha Na’s tears was due to her recording manager. Young Mo was ready to kill him but it didn’t end up that way. Both Young Mo and Ha Na decided to escape instead. For what or why? I don’t know!

maxresdefault (1)

After that, it was a bit mystery to me. I wasn’t sure what happened. It seems that once Young Mo disappeared, Ha Na had a deja vu. She saw herself… like another person resembling her ready to jump off the bridge. I guess she was able to convince herself to not jump. Life goes on and then we saw her performing in a club. One of her viewers is a guy that looks exactly like Young Mo. She walks toward him and kisses him immediately. Well, what kind of guy who doesn’t like to be kissed by a pretty woman like Ha Na, right?

maxresdefault (2)I was completely bummed out when Another Parting ended. I know web dramas are always abstract. But, just so you know, if they develop this story well, we could get another time travel or extra-terrestrial drama! I’m just saying… *wink*



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