Wednesday Eu-Mak: Marry Me Marry You

Kim Jeong Hoon Digital Single Album 'Marry Me, Marry You'Is it wedding season in where you are? I have not been to a wedding since my good friend’s wedding three years ago. I am craving to attend for another wedding. If I’m in Malaysia right now, I would be going to wedding ceremonies every weekend. It is festive in Malaysia. But in the States, wedding is a serious affair. Everything is poised and proper. It can be too proper for some. What do you like most about weddings? To me, the dresses and photo shoot, of course!

Speaking of wedding, Kim Jeong Hoon came to picture! And he collaborated with Hyun Young from Rainbow into this sweet, sweet wedding melody. Marry Me Marry You is the title. I’m sure there is a lot of photoshop going in this MV but do I care? Jeong Hoon looks eerily young! Which fountain of youth is he drinking? *laughs* Overall, I love this MV. It is super chic.

But if you want a formal MV, here is another MV for you. It showcasing a series of wedding ceremonies. Still beautiful… Wedding still put me into tears! For all newly weds out there, congratulations!!!



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