Just Dropped: Here Comes Love


The reason I started Here Comes Love was because of Kim Ji Young. I really loved her as Gyeong Soon in Great First Wives. She was so badass, gangsta-like and feisty. I thought she will choose a similar role and went with Here Comes Love as her new project. Well, my hope got deflated. As Eun Hee, she’s in an 180-degree role. On one part, she’s a strong woman. She ran her wedding boutique. But, on the other hand, she failed to let her “sister” know that she is but her mom! I know why she did it but after awhile to watch your daughter grow up as a sister is a pain. In the end, they are both ended up getting hurt!


Eun Hee got pregnant while in the college. I’m not sure if she dropped out of college but perhaps not since she’s quite successful as a bridal dress designer. With her daughter, she made her mom be the mom for her daughter. That’s just wrong, right?! But fast forward years later, the girl, Hae In, is rebellious towards Eun Hee and her mom. She decided to do her own thing, leave the house and earn her own money. One day, a client accused her of ruining his car. But not knowing who he is, Eun Hee’s daughter tried to be nice but her anger trumps her. So who is that man? Her real dad!


Well, do I need to go further? Min Soo, a wedding planner and entrepreneur, saw Eun Hee and was reminded by his dead fiancee. His sister, Seon-Yeong, is married to Byung Hoon. Byung Hoon is the asshole aka Lee Hae In’s dad! To add fun into this triangle, Byung Hoon is cheating on his wife with Min Soo’s assistant Da Hee. Da Hee is also a bridal dress designer and a friend to Seon Yeong. What makes it worse is that Byung Hoon told his wife that Da Hee is his cousin! Lord have mercy! So well, yeah that’s a very messy mess in a nutshell! Byung Hoon and Da Hee are a match made from hell! They are both wicked and inhuman!



So because I can’t stand both Byung Hoon and Da Hee and almost predict that Here Comes Love will be a rough watch, I decided to drop it. I was able to last 6 episodes in. My heart and brain simply refuse to accept the cruelty! I really do not want to deal with the power “cheating” couple. Besides, Ji Young’s character appeared so weak she grosses me out! Perhaps she is better now? But yeah, I just made up my mind and bid adieu to Here Comes Love! This saves me a heartbreak and anger!



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