Just Watched: Akutou


Yeah, I have time to spare for a special drama and Bel suggested Akutou. Takizawa Hideaki is really my new love *giggle*. I’m currently watching his drama Seisei Suruhodo, Aishiteru (review coming up) and I immediately fell for his face. Acting-wise, I’m not sure I can evaluate his skill this soon. He does act a bit woody but really, I do not mind. I fell for that kind of guy anyway *laughs*. And his face… Intense expression on his face. He looks like he’s in so much emotional pain. I love this kind of face. Anyway….


Akutou is almost a two-hour special drama by Fuji TV. The drama was released back in 2012. Akutou means villain. And who is the villain here? Saeki, a private detective, decided to be the villain when he was handed a case to investigate. The person of interest has ties with the murder of his sister. So Saeki decided to take advantage of this case and take revenge. Though the ending was beyond his control, but the process of finding the evidence and discovering how his sister was murdered was hurtful. The fact that his sister was murdered on his birthday added guilt, hate, and dilemma at the same time.


Akutou is a drama worth watching. Unless you’re Taki’s fan, not many people have seen it. That includes me. I’m ready to watch more of his work. *beams*.


5 thoughts on “Just Watched: Akutou

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  2. i think this was his best performance, he was so natural and believable that I almost wondered if he experienced that kind of pain IR (ofc he didn’t).
    I agree that he sometimes appears wooden, but he does deliver very good performances at times. Like, I think he was very good in Yoshitsune, especially in the later part of the story. Other dramas that I’d recommend if you want to see some good Tackey acting are Taiyou wa shimzumanai, Majou no Jouken and Mayonaka no Panya-san.


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