Currently Watching: Love O2O 

Or “Just one smile is very alluring” 

I might have new crack!!! For those of you that are fans of “Shan Shan come eat” (also know as “Boss and Me”) & “Silent separation” another Gu Man book has been turned into a drama!  

This one starts Yen Yen as our beautiful hero & Zheng Shuang as spunky heroine. So what’s it about. A college romance where our two characters first meet while playing an RPG game. Their romance somehow blossoms in real life too and it looks like a sweet college romance. *spoiler!* he falls for her first! And it’s adorable because he genuinely a nice sweet guy so far! Also have I mention he is beautiful?

I already seen four pisodes ( don’t ask!) and let me tell you, I can’t wait for the next 26!! Give them too me!!! 

*update* Drama Fever has episodes 1-4 up!! 
Here’s the link to check out the trailers!–zheng-shuang/


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