W-Two Worlds: Fangirling Over Lipseu Episode 8


Me: I found this episode a bit boring. The whole context was fine but the frequent flashback really put me to snooze! The episode is a bit…. frustrating? I don’t know how  else to put it. If the writer wanted to give the assassin his own episode, at least, make it right! The back and forth switching between Kang Chul and the assassin just annoyed me.

Mari: See I rather like this episode! I was ok with the sweet romance but I need some action! Let’s move this story along! Plus I was right! Much like Kang Chul, the assassin also became real because of her dad.


Mari: Did Kang Chul just missed the whole conversation with the assassin? The assassin change the story! He could not let Kang Chul die because he needs a reason to exists.

Erl: He wanted a confirmation, something logical enough that he can accept. That’s on of the traits I love about him. His craving for things to make sense. It’s a perfect irony.

Me: The story is, once again, changing courses again! This is freaky!!!


Me: The one in the middle is my style although I prefer the dress to be pinkier than that!

Erl: I want the middle one too but I want it in a shade of blue.

Mari: I’ll take the black & white one! You can’t see it in this pictures but I like that one!

Me: The very revealing one?


Mari: See!!! This is why I want the black dress! He likes it!!! We must please him! I obviously need mental help.

Me: You’re sick, Mari!!! I’m all about girly… *wink*

Erl: LOL. Somehow I was expecting him to say something like this. Nope, Mari, we all need mental help. We’re all a bit pervy here.


Erl: How is it that the character of a manhwa created by a living person knows better about the characters more than the creator himself? Creepy! He has a complete grasp of the killer too.

Mari: what I said a few pictures ago. The assassin needs a purpose!

Me: So Kang Chul is giving the assassin what he wants?


Me: Meanwhile… Someone is definitely in la la land!

Mari: lol but she’s right, the Prince of England could be there!

Erl: So are other princes from other parts of the world. She didn’t choose the revealing dress…

Me: She is ME!


Mari: wow… That assassin is a very good sniper. I wonder where he was standing?

Erl: If there’s a building that’s higher than Kang Chul’s hotel, that’s my best bet. The rooftop. It’s the best perch for a head shot that’s that clean. Sorry, too much Counter-Strike and spy film plus Harlequin Intrigue.

Me: Was that not one of the most graceful drop from her?


Me: Where are the people???? Why can’t they hire more extras?

Erl: I thought I was alone in that thought. Otherwise CGI?

Mari: They used all their budget hiring artist to draw the comics. Duh!


Me: Why is he repeating what she said? He sure is curious!

Mari: let him!! We get to stare at his face more!!! Lovely.

Erl: I will love it even more if he would pout. ^_^


Erl: What kind of question is that? That’s not logical, what kind of father would let something bad happen to his own child? Just think about it, think about it!

Mari: So do we all agree that some unknown power is drawing this manhwa now? Because she’s obviously not, and her father is on the longest plane ride ever.

Me: He didn’t! She should tell Kang Chul that the manga is writing its own story now! But who, Mari?


Me: She’s bleeding! This can’t be good!!!! She is turning into a cartoon character, right?

Erl: I think so too. She seems to be completely tied to the manhwa since she tied the knot with Kang Chul.

Mari: well this is confusing, what changed? Why is she able to bleed now?


Erl: Who gets drunk with wine? I’m expecting soju here, SOJU! Alcohol aside can we take note how sorry I am for her?

Mari: I would feel more sorry for her if she was played by a better actress. This one is just whiny & annoying.

Me: Honestly, if I’m her, I will feel cheated. By I don’t think Kang Chul ever show any remote feeling towards her… And I don’t think he ever promises her anything.


Erl: That’s right, write your own story dude. You do you!

Me: And all of a sudden I get so many suggested pins on my Pinterest board on how to create a perfect character for  your own story. Hmmm…. Handsome. Tall. Handsome. Tall. Genius. Knows martial art. Hmmm…. The list could go on and on.

Mari: I now  know how to become the main character. Just in case I ever get stuck in a manhwa.


Mari: ahh so that was the purpose of his monologue. She needed to understand what’s going on.

Me: W-Two Worlds is turning into a daily drama! There are lots of monologues in dailies!

Erl: We also needed to confirm our speculations.


Me: OMG!!!! Now I get it!!!! He followed Kang Chul to our world!!!!

Mari: *side eyes unnie* took you this long unnie? Also, why did Kang Chul not close it before he left?

Me: this eonnie is slooooooooowwwww!

Erl: I don’t think Kang Chul has the ability to close the “portal.” Also, I think the killer became self-aware when Kang Chul crossed it.


Mari: dude, your girl can now die in both worlds! How are you going to fix this?

Erl: Gah, I bet he’s frustrated as hell trying to figure out how to save his girl.

Me: So… When will he be cross back to our world? He needs to find the assassin!


Erl: Dang that voice, bone chilling.

Mari: seriously who’s doing this voice? It’s beyond creepy! Also, the writing freaks me out!

Me: Is it not digitize?


Mari: wtf!! Wtf!!! Not fair! You can’t have the villain teleport! No! No! He can teleport? How can you hide from someone that teleports?

Erl: I think he got the ability by default because he was created that way. Should I say he was lucky?

Me: Did you write this manhwa, Erl? You seem to know all the answers!!!!!


Mari: lol. Love him. How is he staying sane with all this craziness around him?

Erl: I know right? If I was him I would probably have lost my marbles or something like that.

Me: LOL – lost your marbles. LOL. I would probably be like that rabbit from Pets. Accidentally poops a few… LOL. Because I’m freaking scared!!!!


Me: There is something wrong with this scene! Do you see what I see? *laughs*

Mari: Too many blondes? Don’t you know that all Australian are blonde? (actually, if there are any Australian readers, please know that I’m being sarcastic)

Erl: I’m looking for a redhead, I demand a redhead! LOL

Me: *rolls eyes* the headrest is shorter than usual!!!!! Oy…


Me: Holy flipping fudge!!!!!

Erl: Oh to materialize out of thin air. I feel like I’m watching X-Men only this is the creepy version.

Mari: He can f)&)(&!  teleport! No one is safe! No O N E!


Erl: She’s fading, oh no! She’s fading! I’m trying so hard to care and failing miserably.

Mari: ugh* her again. Also dammit those words must have hurt Oh YeonJoo so much.

Me: Just go jo already!


Mari: I’m obviously not romantic, I don’t get why this is sweet? Stop touching my feet!

Erl: Same here, I don’t see how this could be romantic. Or am I looking at this from an entirely different angle?

Me: You two are weirdos! Please tie my shoe lace, Kang Chul!


Erl: What do you mean this is all a dream? NOOOOO!!! What are you doing Kang Chul? WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING??!!

Me: Is he giving up hope???? Don’t be a loser, Kang Chul! Fight fight fight!


Me: Goodbye beautiful. I will miss you!

Mari: omg, no! No! No! This is so unfair. Sure, she was selfish in his point of view to bring him back. Yet asking her to do this is worse! He won’t have any memories of her, but she has to go on with her life knowing she was happy with him.

Erl: I call foul! I can’t! *runs in a corner trying not to sob*


Me: Uh oh… She’s back! Is this means she will be mean again?

Erl: Ah, she’s solid again. Am I twisted if I say I liked the fading form instead?

Mari: Does anyone care to explain to me why all girls in Kdramas wear their coats like this? I might start doing this in real life!

Me: I do this all the time!!! *flips hair* It’s sexy that way!


Erl: She still has the ring and the memory connected with the ring. I’m trying hard not to cry.

Mari: My heart is breaking for her already and we still haven’t see what will happen. I can still feel her pain. Imagine meeting & falling in love with the man of your dreams. Then to be separated. Knowing his life will go on without any memories of you! Ahh can I hug her?

Me: Poor girl. This is it. The end of her love life. She will be a spinster forever!



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