W-Two Worlds: Fangirling Over Lipseu Episode 9


Me: The WTFuckery episode is here!!!! It is insane!!! Half of the time, my jaw was on the floor!


Me: Who betrayed who now? I’m so lost!

Erl: I’m not sure Nelly, I’m lost like you. This guy is everywhere! OMG!

Mari: Seriously! How can you stop an assassin that only has one purpose? Also, one that can teleport into a plane! A freaking plane up in the sky! 


Mari: The torture of my heart begins now! Sigh* He wakes up crying and it’s right after he was stabbed on the rooftop. So we are going back in time! 

Me: Subconsciously he remembers her? Maybe?

Erl: I think he does, why the tears if not? And ugh, yes, their back in time. Reset.. T__T


Erl: Run Soo-bong, don’t ever come back puppy! Save yourself!

Mari: This poor assistant. Who is going to pay for his therapy when this is done? Think of all he has had to deal with. 

Me: I don’t know about that but he will be traumatized forever!


Erl: This gives a new meaning to message from the past or from another dimension. “Here, have this USB, this holds the answer. Oh and even better, you can check the manhwa you’re writing, the clues are all there.” Yup, that works.

Me: Wow, so he read his own manhwa too? Are we to assume that the manhwa is writing its own story from now on?

Mari: So I’m assuming dad landed in Australia & immediately took a plane back to SK? What did Kang Chul send him? Also, I hate that iPhone can’t use memory cards. What if one day I need to send you guys secret information from another reality? How will I get this done? 


Me: So….. How long did she go for? I could use a car. I mean… the door is open. And it is quite inviting!

Erl: My thoughts exactly. I doubt she took the key with her. Any idea how long did she gone for?

Mari: If it’s like the other times she was only gone for half an hour in the real world. So technically if you happen to go by in those thirty minutes, you could get a new car, Nelly. 

Me: I’m on it, Mari!


Mari: This is emotional abuse! I want to punch him in the face. Fine, he does not know she’s in pain but he needs to shut his face! 

Erl: Well, he’s the senior staff and she’s the “junior” sooo.. It’s correctly portrayed? Just saying. But I’m with you, Mari. I, too, want to punch his lights out.

Me: Urgh I hate him. Really, he is so insensitive!


Mari: thank you for the arrow. Lol this scene needed some levity. This manhwa is being so cruel to her. She gets to see the love of her life, but he does not remember her!! *fetal position on floor crying for Oh YeonJoo* 

Me: You’re welcome!!! That’s all I see! *wiggles brows*

Erl: There’s nothing to see there. No applebutts. Sad, just like Oh Yeon-joo. Wait, she’s sadder.


Erl: Let me take a minute to process this okay, give me a minute to appreciate the scene.

Mari: Darn they are pretty! But I’m starting to feel bad for tree puppy. He has had maybe 5 lines in 10 episodes? 

Me: Yeah, they pretty much used him for his face. That ain’t bad, he still gets some screen time.


Erl: WOW! Is it just me or is Mr. Assistant hotter with facial hair, I mean RAWR. Can he keep it? He’s hot and freaking out still.

Me: He even got amulets? Will it help though? I wanna pet this scrubby boy, though. Poor thing…

Mari: I’m telling you guys, he will need years of therapy. So we are getting our “happy ending”. Does writer Oh not care that his happy ending hurts his daughter!


Me: What on earth? Is this the best solution he can come out with???

Erl: Apparently it is and I believe it’s the only way. But it freaks me out a bit, he lending his face to a killer. It’s freaky but can’t be helped.

Mari: It makes sense because they need Kang Chul to believe he this guy the killer. Kang Chul already knows this man tried to kill him earlier. Once they write a motive, he should be able to accept it. 


Erl: How old is this Doctor again? He’s acting like a complete teenager. Of course, I do that sometimes too but he is completely out of it!

Mari: Fine! I get that he does not know he is hurting her. I still want to push him off a building! 

Me: But he’s truly a fan of that manhwa, I kind of dig that, though.


Me: The character on the left never took off, right? He was used to diverting attention, correct?

Erl: This guy used Kang Chul’s case as a publicity tactic so he can rise to power as a politician. He didn’t consider the possibility that Kang Chul was innocent so when the real culprit comes out, he arranged for the hit. It’s a brilliant plot line, I’ll give it to Yeon-Joo’s dad. Hopefully, it happens the way they want it to be.

Mari: I’ll admit to being confused here! I might had also gotten distracted. When I looked at my screen Killer dad was flying off the building. 


Mari: *rocks back & forth in pain* stop making me suffer show! These is sad, heartbreaking and a bit creepy! Girl, how old are you? You can’t have cartoons on your wall anymore. 

Me: Don’t we used to do this when we were in high school? What else can she do, Mari? She doesn’t have any pictures of him… *cries*

Erl: I did it until college. Actually, a poster of the F4 is still on the door of my old room. Anyway, I’ll probably do the same thing that she did, only I’ll put it in a photo album. And I’ll carry it around. *more torture*


Me: I don’t know… You tell me! I’m so confused how she still gets transported back to manhwa. What is it about her that makes it easy to jump into the story? *scratches head*

Mari: Well the first few times was because Kang Chul still has some memories of her. They might have been subconsciously triggered. Have any of you ever remember something then immediately forgotten it? Is that just me in my old age? Anyhow, I think now she got sucked back in the manhwa because her dad’s plan did not go the way they planned. No one expected the killer to be smarter than them. Now she needs to help her dad & of course Kang Chul. 

Erl:  Yeah, I have that sometimes. I did something then after awhile I’ll suddenly remember it but I’m not sure if I really did it. Must be the age thing. And I agree with you Mari, that could be the case since Kang Chul, even if he can’t remember her is still connected to Yeon-Joo. He’s  her brainchild.


Erl: Wait a minute, WHAT HAPPENED? NOOOOOOO!!!!! This is so gonna be my nightmare!

Me: Now this WTFuckery!!!!!!

Mari: Dear writers, I’m also sending you my therapy bills!! 


Mari: Frak! Frak! Frak! The killer is one step ahead of them! Dear writer Oh, on your next manhwa make your killer dumb. 

Me: Dumb??? For once, I really want the killer to be smarter than the rest!

Erl: Or next time you make a manhwa be certain with the characters, give them a face so they won’t take yours and freak everyone out! Question, though. How many rounds does that gun have? He seems to be not running out of bullets. *scratches chin*


Me: Where does he thinks he is going??? Oy… *headache*

Mari: Frak! Frak! Frak!! Seriously! He can still teleport? Who is writing these rules? They can’t just constantly be changing to fit the plot! 

Erl: There’s no change, he outsmarted Writer Oh. He’s creating his own rules and he gets to keep his ability to teleport. He really should have given him a solid identity in the first place. Now it’s too late. All hell is breaking lose.

Final Thoughts

Me: I really don’t have any thoughts! Well… Maybe I do. I’m still speechless to why he put his face on the assassin! Is this means… The assassin showed up at his place, took his face away and went back to W world? Is that what it is? Help me understand, ladies!!!!

Mari: I’m confused too! But here’s what I think. Dad & Kang Chul agreed on a plan to get rid of the assassin & close the manhwa with a happy ending. It seemed like a good plan, everyone got their corresponding end. They just never got a chance to implement said plan because the assassin had his own plan? I don’t know why he needed to steal the face? I think that was just put in the story to shock us. As to why the assassin needed to be Writer oh, I explained it earlier. It makes sense in a weird way. Maybe I don’t make sense either. I’ll take questions below!

Erl: I’m blown away by this episode. It appears answers won’t be presented only more questions asked. I agree with Mari’s theory, though, there was an agreement between Dad and Kang Chul – to end everything accordingly, not some half-assed ending but an ending that makes sense, an acceptable one. Too bad that when the “reset” happened, it seems that it only affected Kang Chul. True it brought the assassin back in the manhwa but he’s still as powerful as ever. It scares me to think where he disappears to now cause he can be anywhere. Heck, he can be in the real world right now. Now that’s really freaky if it really happens.


What do you think?

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