Currently Watching: Suki na Hito ga iru koto



Like I said in my previous post, the title keeps getting longer and longer. Do I remember all of them? Heck no. And character names? Nope, either. Thanks to MDL; otherwise, I would have gone mad!!!! So what is the meaning behind the title? A Girl & Three Sweethearts by literally it means There’s Someone I Like. Hmmmmm *rubs chin* who likes who now? As my other Japanese dramas, Suki na is another weekly drama. It airs every Monday and slated to end on September 12. I’m not sure the final date is still standing. I think this drama is another Olympic’s victims. I’m still waiting for Aquarium Girl final two episodes… *sigh*


The reason I’m watching this drama, besides Bel‘s strong influence on me *giggle*, is because of Yamazaki Kento. I have been falling in love with this boy since Suikyuu Yankees. And then I fell for him again in movie L<3DK. And then I realized, Kento once acted next to Kiritani Mirei in Heroine Disqualified! Omo, perfect combo! I love these two together in big screen! Their chemistries were tight!  Omo, I’m in love already with the cast! Furthermore, we got Miura Shohei!!!! The man is twice more desirable here than he was in Please Love The Useless Me! And last, but not least, is Nomura Shuhei. I saw him in Koinaka. He didn’t leave any bold impression on me. He didn’t leave any good one in this show, too. His character is very teen so I see him like a little brother.


Anyway, the title gives it all! A girl and three sweethearts. She’s lucky! Can we trade places, Misaki??? *giggles* But who would she choose, right? 6 episodes in, we can certainly eliminate Touma. Misaki sees him the same way I see him. A younger brother.  So we can now focus on Chiaki, the eldest, and Kanata, the milder one. The brothers live in Shonan and run a family restaurant. Chiaki is the restaurant manager and Kanata is the chef. Misaki was offered to work at Chiaki’s restaurant as the pastry chef when she stumbled on him one night.


So long story short, Chiaki was Misaki’s first love. Misaki accepted a challenge from her girlfriend that she will be kissed by a man by the end of summer (is it summer?). So Chiaki’s offer came at the right time. When she moved to the town, Misaki buttheaded with Kanata. But, on that very same week, she was kissed by him! *gasp* I know!!!! But I immediately knew that Misaki and Kanata should be together forever. The only problem is… Misaki can’t take Chiaki off her mind! So it is like Kanaka wants Misaki but gets turn off because of her heart, mind, and soul is with Chiaki. And then we have Kaede, Chiaki’s ex. They are friends now but after she found out Misaki is interested in Chiaki, she became possessive and started announcing that they are a couple.


This drama is a very summery and darling romance. I treasure it so much. I love the feeling Mirei portrays as Misaki. She’s girlish, childish, yet dedicated. I love the way she sees life mostly. Suki na Hito ga iru koto is definitely a sweet drama everyone should watch. That pitter patter feeling you get from watching romance? You’ll definitely get it here. If not, either you’re heartless or I am easily pleased! *wink*


Here’s a sweet fanvid made by Lee JJang. The song is just so appropriate!!! I’m sorry, by this time I already have my pick for Misaki! Do you? *raises a brow*




7 thoughts on “Currently Watching: Suki na Hito ga iru koto

  1. I found the plot to be somewhat cheesy but I like the drama anyways. Also, that signature dish of the restaurant looks so yummy T_T


    • Ive been trying to make hamburger omelette XD but I don’t know how to make the sauce so I ended up eating it with ketchup lol.

      Yes, the plot is cheesy but I love it. I love cheesy drama; cheesier the better lol. Glad you like it too 😁

      Liked by 1 person

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