W-Two Worlds: Fangirling Over Lipseu Episode 10


Me: We’re back with another episode and I seriously am lost. It seems all plans are just plans and nothing is to materialized especially if you put a suppressed in the midst of it.

Nelly: Sigh… I really don’t know what to say now. My brain went haywire!

Mari: I just want to take Oh YeonJoo out of this! My poor baby girl, she’s in so much pain! Also was anyone else annoyed by the fact that 15 mins of this show was a “previously on” segment? 


Me: We rewind to the night when the dad gives the villain his face. And that picture made an appearance again. I say foreshadowing.

Nelly: Foreshadowing it is… I thought he wanted to give the villain a meanie face! 

Mari:*laughing at Nelly unnie* yes definitely foreshadowing. He fought so much not to lose control & guess what’s about to happen?

Nelly: you know which meanie face I’m talking, right? *wink*


Me: Who would have thought. So dad did meet the killer before.

Nelly: I’ll say that again!!!! I can’t believe the villain likes his new face!

Mari: Well if you been faceless for 10 years. I think any face you get would be appreciated. Also, you have to remember the villain thinks they are some sort of soulmates. They both have the sane purpose. To destroy Kang Chul.


Me: OMG! This is not the right turn, this is not why they reset everything! NOOO!!!

Nelly: When he came out from that screen, I was startled big time! I did not see that coming! This is beyond words to describe exactly how the villain can cross two worlds like that!

Mari: I wish I did not read spoilers. I knew this scene was coming, so I was ready. But yeah, I want an explanation on how our villain knows he can do this.


Me: Poor Soo-bong. I freaked out a bit when I saw that too.

Nelly: Did he faint twice? I forgot!

Mari: I read somewhere that being scared so badly can give you gray hair. I expect SooBong to be given an agile head of gray now.


Nelly: This is where we need to reset the whole story again! The villain has a full control of Writer Oh! I’m speechless! 

Me: He did declare that they are one and the same and dad should follow orders but man, that is just so not the way I thought things would go. I need a reminder, which side is up?

Mari: Why is No face writer listening to him? Is the villain magically controlling him? Or did he promise him not to touch Oh Yeon Joo?


Me: At this point, I’m seriously questioning how the heck can Kang Chul go against this guy who has a portal to anywhere he pleases and can have anything, ANYTHING he wants by just saying the words? This is going to be so tough.

Nelly: Poor Kang Chul has no effing clue what the villain is talking about! I still need to know where he is going, though! 

Mari: No Kang Chul knows what crazy face stealer is talking about. He just does not know his reasons. Like why is he showing up after hiding for 10 years? Why is the violence necessary?  Also, the door was probably done by no face dad.


Me: Here’s an efficient way to know things are going batshit – let’s watch the news. And that’s why I personally don’t watch news that much. I mean, just look at Yeon-Joo. Take a really good look.

Nelly: This must be a hard watch for Yeon Joo! If I’m the superhero in this manhwa, it will be hard to kill a villain that looks like my dad. 

Mari: yeah, mostly because she has no clue how to get out of the manhwa & stop it.


Nelly: I’m still confused with this part of the story. Did Writer Oh create Assemblyman Han character to be the one that hired the villain to kill Kang Chul’s family? But what was his purpose of this killing? And wait, that was in the beginning before all the mess and now what is the purpose of his existence? Yeap, I’m truly confused and lost. Do I sound gibberish? I think I am *laughs*

Mari: In the original story, Assemblyman truly believed Kang Chul was the killer. In the reboot (happy ending version) he used the deaths to further his career. He was a rising prosecutor and the trial of a famous Olympic athlete would get him the publicity and attention he needed. So yes he set it up so that evidence would be found to incriminate Kang Chul. He also did not know who the real killer was.

Me: I agree with Mari, he doesn’t know who the killer is but he insisted it was Kang Chul so he could rise to power and now that the real killer is out of the proverbial bag, he’s in deep trouble.


Mari: I love that Korea is totally ok with having an alcoholic beverage in a juice box. What happens if you keep this in your fridge & your little one grabs one?  Also, I’m also crying. Her pain is my pain now! I haven’t even mentioned that he lookmajesticic in a white button up shirt!

Nelly: Excuse me, I got dust in my eyes. *blows nose*

Me: Right Mari, alcohol in a box. Whoever invented that is a genius! And I’m sure your little one will be knock out cold for the whole day if he/she drinks that. Unlike Nelly, I’m sweating through my eyes. yeah, this is sweat. Cause I’m having an emotional workout with Yeon-joo.


Nelly: I wonder when will someone catch on to her. My workplace is huge and I do see unfamiliar face in the office. 

Me: My question exactly! I mean don’t they have CCTV or something around? Hmmm…

Mari: dear hospital…. You need better security.


Me: Dear Yeon-joo, please make it a habit to wear something with a pocket, and make sure to put some money. It’s heartbreaking to see you eat side dishes. Okay, please consider it kiddo.

Mari: The scene where Kang Chul & his crew walk in and she just stares at them. *cries*

Nelly: le sigh. I feel lonely just watching her like this. And look at her sad expression… 


Nelly: Are you kidding me? I know this is the last resort but… But this is suicide!!! 

Mari: I thought this was a great idea. It’s been days now, imagine how tired & hungry she is.

Me: Right Mari, it was awesome! She’s just gonna eat and then leave, how long would that take?


Me: And of course she’ll go for instant. Thank heavens for instant food. Ramen. I wish there’s cheese.

Nelly: Don’t forget the eggs, Yeon Joo!!!! 

Mari: Ramen!!! Yummy yummy!!!


Me: Of all the rotten timing, seriously! Just let the girl eat! She’s hungry! And I think I’m disturbed cause I think that pic is really cute.

Nelly: I mean, he knows her by now yet still want to call the police? Are you trying to waste the taxpayers’ money, Kang Chul? Wait… Don’t tell me he owns the city! By the way, nice mugshot! 

Mari: Sure, he just happened to be running an errand for his secretary? Also how does he now know her passcode when in previous world he did not? Also it makes sense that he calls the police. After the attemp on his life & the shooting in his station. How can he trust a stranger in his personal secretary’s apartment? She is a stranger to him.

Nelly: I think he was on the phone with her. So clearly she gave him her home passcode. 


Mari: I love that even when he can’t remember her, he can’t help himself but being nice to her. He is pulled to her by something, no? Look at how tender he is towards her!

Nelly: Oh God, all I see is Kang Chul’s lips! I’m sorry but that lips are so kissable right now!

Me: Lips, glorious lips, I just want to kiss them. LOL. Sorry, got distracted. This tenderness though is not working. Not helping at all. Why the reset if they’re gonna end up like this again?


Me: Finally! I knew she’s gonna have that breakdown sooner than later. Let it out girl, just let it all out!

Nelly: See? This is why she keeps popping back. It’s because she can’t let go of him! Didn’t he tell her to forget him? 

Mari: maybe, maybe not. She technically has no reason to be thrown back in manhwa. No one knows who she is in the reset.


Me: This is, yeah. It’s almost the same thing as what happened BR (before reset.) He takes matter with his own hands.

Nelly: I knew it! He owns the city *laughs*

Mari: He just can’t let her go, it must be driving him crazy that he can’t explain why.


Mari: Never ever is it a good outcome for our hero if our two villains join forces.

Me: This is scary, like my worst nightmare. Unless Assemblyman Han turns out to be like Snape but I can’t even picture that happening.

Nelly: I am, once again, confused and lost by these two. Is Assemblyman Han under the villain’s order now? 

Mari: pay attention unnie! Crazy face stealer just called Assemblyman Han to make him an offer he can’t refuse. 


Me: This is like Avatar, only the Avatar looks snake-like or something.

Nelly: All of a sudden, Voldermort came to mind!!! OMGosh! 

Mari: because you mentioned He Who Must Not be Named!


Nelly: Holy crap, what is this are we hearing??? I am as shocked as Kang Chul! This is messed up, people! Messed up!

Mari: I’m actually extremely impressed with Crazy face stealers plan. This is the best way to destroy Kang Chul. How can Kang Chul fight this?

Me: I seriously do not have any idea how Kang Chul would counter this one Mari. It’s so brilliantly planned that I can’t help but be impressed and scared at the same time.


Mari: ahjussi!!!!! We hardly knew thee! Also Frak! The villain in good! Even includes the gun!

Nelly: I need an oxygen mask now! I can’t breathe! This is just frak! 

Me: NO FAIR!!! I CALL FOUL!! And I need a time out. Fudge!! This gives a new meaning to “turning tables.”


Mari: I have no better plan.

Nelly: I’m still in shock! That recorded conversation came out of nowhere! 

Me: I assume they can not fly out of the country too, right? What to do? What to do?


Nelly: Now he looks like a vampire! 

Mari: They are both in crappy situations. Only have each other to rely on. I’m so happy she’s not a whinny idiot. She’s going to do everything she can to help him.

Me: She’s a different kind of princess since day one. She’s gung-ho and compassionate, quick on her feet. Definitely not whiny and Kang Chul is really lucky to have her to rely on.


Me: Yes dear, the plan failed. Regroup, regroup, regroup!

Nelly: Yeap, the story takes a big turn, Yeon Joo! No U-turn, no turning left or right, not moving forward or back either. The villain magically create a new route! I wonder what will she do next!

Mari: See my comment above


Erl: The first question that came to mind is: why is the parking lot empty? But then it can be that it’s a workday and people don’t really go on hotels during those days but hey, what do I know?

Nelly: Kiss! Kiss! Kiss! Kiss! Kiss! 

Mari: This is such a tv show! Why was there no people around? Empty elevator! Also you guys are leaving a blood trail!


Me: He might die because of blood lost or something, that’s the only thing that I can think of.

Nelly: I am really bothered by the pillow cases! It is so ahjumma taste! 

Mari: Did you see the walls? They look dirty. This is not a fancy penthouse. How does she plan to get the bullet out of him in this hotel?


Nelly: OMG since when she got so daring??? 

Me: Since she’s desperately needing  to save his life, that’s when. I’m with you girl. Save your man!

Mari: Can you imagine her pain! She has to leave him behind while he is injured. She’s probably dying a little as she kissed him. I honestly love her now!


Me: And it worked, thank heavens! Now move, there’s not much time!

Nelly: And how long were she gone for now?

Mari: His tear! Her touching her lips. This show wants to break my heart!

Final Thoughts

Me: This episode is just mind blowing. But again with the unanswered questions, it’s filing up! I got a few answers and a ton of questions in return! I don’t know which way is up or down anymore. And all because of the villain that got neglected and became self aware. I thought things will be better with the reset but nope, apparently it’s not happening. How do they fix this now? HOW?

Nelly: My thoughts? Not sure if I have any! This episode has turned me upside down, inside out! This is the winning episode for the villain! The antagonist wins it all! I’m worried what would happen next! She’s back now and who’s going to take care of injured Chul? The mommy in me cannot sit still now. Oy… 

Mari: They waited to long, gave the villain too much time to plot! I wish I could say I completely get what’s going on. I can’t, I don’t think the writer knows either. While many things make sense if you think about them. Lots of them don’t. Like how did both Kang Chul & Crazy face stealer came to be? How is CFS controlling Writer Oh? Why does Oh YeonJoo keep getting call back to Manhwa world when no one remembers her? Why does Kang Chul only cry one beautiful tear?? We want answers!


One thought on “W-Two Worlds: Fangirling Over Lipseu Episode 10

  1. Totally started with the wrong recap here by oh well haha. This looks very interesting, and a fantastic cast too. I’m convinced, I should give this a try. A little bit of love, a little bit of drama, i’m down haha. Nice recap, I love that you included screencaps (always helps, believe me). Anyhow, how’d you feel about sharing your work on Moviepilot/Creators? I’d love to expand on that so feel free to send me an e-mail. My contact details are on my blog. Hope to hear from you.


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