Wednesday Eu-Mak: Ready For Your Love


Is it time to fall in love? For all I know, autumn is here… Even though the weather will cool down, autumn love is quite lovely *wink*. But I’m ready to fall in love. Well, let’s just say I am. I just put an offer on a house over the weekend. I’m pretty nervous which buyer the seller will choose. The house is insanely beautiful and move-in ready! That home is my current love! Please pray for me!

Ready For Your Love is J-Min’s newest single. I have been a fan of her voice since she lent her voice for To The Beautiful You OST. Now she is back with another hit. The number of views is pretty low, though. This is a great comeback song from her. Some fans on YouTube said what took SM so long to release a comeback album for J-Min. I wonder that, too. J-Min has a unique voice. I heard she’s more active in musical theater performance which really, fits her and her big vocal. Now that I’m thinking… I hope one day she would do a musical with my man, MBLAQ GO *wink*.


I hope you love this song. Also, I love her hair. By the way, today is the last day of August. To my home country, Happy Independence Day, Malaysia!


What do you think?

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