W-Two Worlds: Fangirling Over Lipseu Episode 11


Me: We are almost done, folks! I was the one crying in most of episode 10. I’m praying that 11 is nicer to my feelings.  I love Kang Chul & Oh YeonJoo so much! I want them happy together somehow! So let’s begin…

Me: So we get our usual “previously on W” intro. I need to congratulate the PD for keeping it under a min. Also, I’m totally agreeing with Kang Chul. She needs to stop sounding crazy.

Nelly: I love the one minute recap, it reminds me of American shows.

Me: this scene continues to break my heart! Also their tears! Both are crying. I get why she’s crying, but why is he?

Erl: I think he subconsciously remembers her, that’s the only reason I can think of.

Nelly: Did he cry? I wasn’t paying attention to him! Oops!

Erl: That’s what I’m talking about! This woman is all about getting down to business.

Me: I love that Oh YeonJoo is not your usual “damsel in distress”. After the kiss brings her back to her world she runs to search for medicines to help Kang Chul. Then heads to see Soo Bong and her dad.

Nelly: She’s a quick thinker! How can you not like Oh Yeon Joo now?

Me: She finds her dad in his office (his back to the door) & begins to reprimand his actions. Why did he frames Kang Chul? Why can’t he give him that happy ending?

Erl: Why can’t we look at her dad? I’m scared!

Nelly: This scene made me so nervous! I thought he is dead! 

Me: when she gets no answers, she walks towards her dad, sees that he has no face & runs away screaming. Seriously, what else could she do? It’s freaky as all heck!

Erl: She could have fainted, like Soo-bong. But I think she’s not the fainting type, she’s one tough female.

Nelly: I’d be curious and inspect his face. Of course, after I wet my pants! *laughs*

Erl: Can I just say that I’m getting a little confused whenever I see this doctor. Really confused. I just saw him in another drama.

Nelly: Is he a doctor in another drama, too? Is he living in two different dramas, too? 

Me: she contacts Soo Bong to ask for an explanation. He is in the hospital trying to find her, and the poor guy is barely holding it together.

Nelly: I’m surprised that he is still alive!!! I mean…. His screams were deathly!

Me: Soo Bong tells her that’s not her dad, and he is blindly following orders from a voice inside the tablet. He begs her to get out, but she refused. Our girl is stubborn, she’s going to save her man!

Nelly: I think she has every rights to save him! She created him in the first place.

Erl: Attagirl! I really love her determination. She seems to not falter at all.

Me: This girl is awesome! I don’t know where she gets the strength to sneak back in for the drawing board. Then she has to fight off no face dad who comes to life when she touches the board!

Erl: I said it before, she’s determined.

Nelly: With Kang Chul in mind, she needs to be determined. 

Me: look at her brain!! She wins the battle with “no face dad” and begins to draw. First making sure her Kang Chul is not caught. She erases his room door just in time, changes his car, then draws the medicine & equipment necessary for his wound.

Nelly: This was the smartest idea ever!!! 

Erl: She’s amazing! Brilliant! Not your average drama heroine.

Nelly: Thank God I was alone watching this episode coz I was screaming on top of my lungs! 

Me: this part was freaky! And yes I was screaming at her to stretch more to turn off the screen. we also get  some clues! The assassin does not know how Oh YeonJoo is getting in & out of the manhwa. Also, it seems he needs the drawing board to get out. The other portal must have closed?

Erl: Isn’t there just one portal? Apparently, the creepy assassin doesn’t know where to factor Yeon-Joo as well. Huh, we’re not alone.

Nelly: Yeap, Writer Oh destroyed his other monitor.

Me: this is just here for comic relief!

Erl: And boy am I really relieved!

Nelly: It’s an odd saving Grace! Holding hands together on the other hand? Third base! 

Erl: Isn’t there any other way to reset the story aside from making it all a dream? Is a dream a “reset” button now?

Nelly: I do not want them to reset it again! They already did it once! The assassin will not disappear because HE IS part of the story since the beginning!

Me: yes, resetting the story again sounds like a good idea. As a fan of Kang Chul, I agree with This. I also feel that Oh YeonJoo would be ok with him being safe.

Me:Nelly! Another answer. The killer remembers her and that’s how she came back into W.

Erl: Now the killer can drag her to the manhwa world too! Wow! It’s like whenever someone from the manhwa thinks of her, she gets dragged in.

Nelly: What the fudge???  I’d like to think that the assassin drags her in, but Kang Chul could also be part of the reason, too!!! I mean, she left him alone in that motel… I’m sure he thinks of her. A lot!

Me: So before Oh Yeon Joo can go search for Kang Chul, time decides to fast forward. One month later & no one has seen or heard from him. Desperately she goes to see his friend. He gives her an address. Kang Chul is alive!!

Erl: Yay! That’s so good to know that her efforts are not futile. It’s not in vain! You did it girl!

Nelly: That was so convenient. I guess Kang Chul told him about her. 

Erl: Can I just say that He looks so good in this clothes and that lips. Can I bite it?

Me:kids, If a strange man offers you a ride on a deserted country road. Make sure he is hot. (I’m going to hell for that advice)

Nelly: Kids are drawn to anything that is pretty to their eyes. I say go for it! 

Me: holly cow!!! He had to treat himself! Excuse me while I go cry in a corner for him!

Nelly: *fainted*

Erl: I’m feeling all queasy with all this blood. Did we really have to see him removing that bullet?

Nelly: Was dad on a loose in the real world and trying to get rid of Kang Chul per the assassin’s instruction? That’s all I could think of! Wait, remember Yeon Joo’s doctor friend? He might have open that damn door!!!

Erl: NOOOOO!!! This cannot be!

Me: wtf????? Why is he disappearing? He is the main character!  How?

Erl: Ehem, Kang Chul, what were you saying again? Are you sure?

Me: Cheeky bastard! But I love the “pent up lust” line

Nelly: Let him enjoy his moment, girls. He’s been lonely for a month now *wink*

Me: What’s going on? Does he remember her?

Erl: I think he does, why else did he mention “homework?” What did we miss?

Nelly: The memory is built in his mind… Because what we saw before the writer reset the story was in his dream!

Erl: Did he suddenly turned psychic or something? WOW!

Me: ……..how does he know?

Nelly: Sigh… I don’t know now.

Me: ahhhh!!! So he once again got a hold of the manhwa. I guess since this is not time traveling, the universe remains intact. He is very calm this time around.

Erl: Plus he’s already in an unbelievable situation to I guess he can’t be weirded out anymore.

Nelly: And there you have it, ladies and gentleman! The manhwa saves the day!

Erl: Can I answer that question instead? YES, you are her husband. Feels good to get that out of my chest.

Nelly: *laughs* I am glad he is smart enough and connects all the dots!

Me: He is a bit disconnected from all the information he has learned this time? He should be asking if they can change his fate!

Final thoughts:

Me: This episode gave me a roller coaster of emotions! I was scared, terrified, laughing, proud ( is proud an emotion?) then I was confused and excited. I might not know where the writer is going with the story. Yet I’m happy following along.

Nelly: I remain speechless yet I’m enjoying this roller coaster ride! Will the manhwa triggers back his dream memory? I can’t wait to see the next episode!

Erl: I agree with Mari. I seriously do not know what to expect with this show anymore, all I know is that I am ready to taken away, anywhere. Please drive safely writer-nim and be careful with our hearts.


What do you think?

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