Currently Watching: Seisei Suruhodo, Aishiteru

0d1e2afe04b092337de7ac6d062a3908When I heard Takei Emi will be in this drama, I immediately concluded that I will watch it no matter what. I have never seen her in a romance drama before; so I thought I should give it a try. And then we have Takizawa Hideaki. This is my first drama with him. I recently saw his drama special, Akutou, I thought he was good in it. The drama itself was awesome. But that’s beside the point. Takizawa aka Takki is so freaking handsome! He started his career as a singer for duo group, Tackey & Tsubasa, Takki is now more active in acting. I’m a newbie but ever since I see him in Seisei, I develop this immediate infatuation towards him. He’s so handsome! And that tiny mold underneath his left eye is so sexy! I mean…. gwahhhh!


Enough squeeing, back to Seisei Suruhodo, Aishiteru. When I read the synopsis, I got torn a bit. I questioned my own judgement. Really, I did. This is a blasphemy drama! I can’t and shouldn’t be supporting infidelity. It is wrong to any culture and religion. But deep down, I was curious to why and where this drama will take me. Is this infidelity-based drama is what I think it is? After 6 episodes in, I found my answer. There is a reason to it! I’m so happy that his reason is legit! Well, it was legit until his coma wife awake! *screams*


Ok, let’s backtrack a bit. Let’s focus on Mia. Mia works in a PR department for Tiffany Tokyo. Yeah, that Tiffany. The famous brand which I never really bother to own any. Anyway, she decided to break her engagement with fiance. While busy packing her engagement ring back to its case, she was knocked out by Miyoshi who was trying to catch an escaped balloon for a little girl. The girl cried and walked away unhappily. Mia lost her ring. And Miyoshi was forced to locate the ring. This took place while she was on a business trip. She made a good eye contact with Miyoshi but that’s it. You know, like a random passerby.


Needless to say, that was NOT the end of their meeting. It turns out Miyoshi is the company’s vice! She was startled when he came to her training. And when she found out who he is, she became more startled. But she can’t help the fact that she’s falling for him. His hot and cold behavior got her curious. He’s mostly cold but every little thing he does, it made Mia’s heart skip a beat. Or three! However, Miyoshi has a baggage. His comatose wife! Despite still being married, he too can’t help but fall for Mia. When Mia found out about his wife, she begged him to keep her as his mistress. That was a dumb move! Really? He was reluctant in the beginning but made up his mind and agreed with Mia’s suggestion. Why? All because of his wife, Yuka.


You just have to watch it if you want to know what Yuka did that makes Miyoshi agreed to Mia’s suggestion. I thought it is a great revenge! Also, I honestly believed he married Yuka for the wrong reason. Yuka is the daughter of the company’s president. So, can you see the tangle there? Yeap, it’s becoming very clear to me now. I’d highly suggest the show for the story but not for the acting. All of them seem pretty woody to me. I know some dropped the show because they couldn’t stand Emi. Me? Like I said, I’m watching for the show and Takki *wink*. All other side stories were pretty much….. *yawns*.




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