Just Watched: The Black Devil and The White Prince, One Smile Is Very Alluring, and So I Married An Anti-Fan

Hello! I’m back with yet another three movies I saw in a span of one week. That’s not bad, right? Again, I’m dumbfounded by how I don’t mind watching movies lately. Is this midlife crisis? *laughs* Anyway, here are my quick two cents on the movies! I hope it helps with your watch decision!

The Black Devil and The White Prince


Geez, the title scared the hoot out of me! The poster seems so friendly but with a girl and two boys? I smell traaaaaable! Sure enough, it is a trouble. Yu moved into a dormitory and was stoked to live with Takumi aka the White Prince. But, at the same time, Haruto aka the Black Devil is also living in the same dormitory. Most girls avoid Haruto but always fall for the charming White Prince. Which of course include Yu. But Haruto has a different agenda. He kissed Yu instead as a punishment for defying him. Yeah, out of blue! Yu was startled by him but because of his threaten, she can’t help but obey him. Takumi, on the other hand, pretends to like Yu because he simply wants to annoy Haruto. Gosh, these boys are something else! I gave this movie a 6.5/10 but after tonight, I found out that there is a prequel drama to this movie. That explains it all. I was lost when I saw the movie so now Bel will hunt for the drama. If you decide to watch the movie, make sure you watch the drama first. The ending was unreal. I didn’t expect Yu to go with Haruto despite his aggressive treatment towards her. But you know… Some of us do prefer bad boys, right? *wink*

One Smile Is Very Alluring


If you are watching Love O2O the drama, I’m sure you want to watch the movie version, too. Of course, the drama is too detail whereas the movie isn’t. The story remains the same but the movie was rushed. Well, what is new, right? What I like about the movie is Angelababy as Wei Wei. Compares to Zheng Shuang, Angelababy is more oomph and a better Wei Wei. Gu Man, the writer, portrayed Wei Wei as less girly but more spunk and daring. So I’m surprised when I see Angelababy and she was helluva good. One thing for certain is that Angelababy and Jing Boran are perfect together and so are Zheng Shuang and Yang Yang (but we know Zheng Shuang can’t kiss as good as Angelababy). Overall, I don’t mind watching the movie but since I’m infatuated with Yang Yang, the drama is a better. Also, story development wise, drama is a thumb’s up from me. Every character gets its own scene. The love is more on Love O2O *beams*. But if you ask me who is better, I wish I could cross Angelababy with Yang Yang! Perfect cast!

So I Married An Anti-Fan


This recently aired movie is finally able for us to stream! I was so happy when Bel told me it is up. The movie was so funny. It feels so refreshing to watch it even though I sort of knew how the story will go. Miao Miao is a magazine journalist and was fired from her job. She got fired because she took a photo of a famous Korean superstar in a night club by accident. Hoo Jun forced her employer to fire her. Miao Miao is then determined to ruin his life. This is a cute and lighthearted movie especially if you’re an anti-fan suddenly find yourself falling for a superstar. As an idol, I thought Chan Yeol did a great job for his first movie work. I can definitely see him as a drama chaebol some day. I highly recommend this rom-com movie. If you decide to watch, the handcuff scene is my favorite one! So funny!


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