Stalking: Yang Yang


Eeeeeeee… My heart is skipping a beat each time Yang Yang is on my screen!!! Ermagerd… I can’t! I feel so guilty for stalking him now. Yeah, you should see the guilt on my face. But nevertheless, I just have to do some research on him. You know, for education purpose *laughs*. I mean, we all want to get to know him better, right? So who is this handsome prince?


This 24-year-old actor (soon to be 25th on September 9) is from Shanghai. Graduated from the People’s Liberation Army Arts College in dancing, Yang Yang was personally picked to be the main lead for The Dream of Red Mansion. He was also in The Four (with Zhang Han and William Chan), The Lost Tomb (my next drama to watch) and The Whirlwind Girl.


Of course, his popularity is currently rising with Love O2O. The temperature is hot hot hot! Are you watching it?


I recently saw his interview clip by GQ. He was given 50 questions to answer. He said his nose is his best feature. Well, I’ll say that again. He does have a gorgeous nose!


So Yang Yang loves to dance. It’s been his passion since he was young. Check this clip out! Thanks, Issy babe! Watch really carefully… I’m so happy that he dances with a smile on his face!

Another dance practice – oh wow, he is serious!

And cute dance for Rejoice MV – is that Queen Bey’s song in Chinese? *dances*


Yang Yang is so popular China even issued a stamp after him early this year! Wow! This is insane! Great honor, though!


Would you use it? Not me! I will take him to my grave! *laughs*


This 1.8m tall dude is simply adorable to miss. I’m trying so hard to hold my composure but can I? *laughs* Gah, he’s so handsome I just can’t… Looks like I’ll be watching more Chinese dramas and movies in future!


Doesn’t he look great in glasses too? If you want to see him in a nerdy yet romantic character, catch him in I Belonged To You. The movie will be out soon.


So many people say he resembles Infinite L. I see him resembling former MBLAQ member, Lee Joon. Who do you see him resemble?


I’m quite thrilled for his next fantasy movie that is slated to air in 2017. It is called Three Lives Three Worlds, Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms. That is one heck of a title!!! I swear it means better if we all understand Chinese. But good lord, Yang Yang back in long hair again!!! I die!


Before I leave, here is the GQ interview with Yang Yang. In here, you can see his true personality. He’s pretty open and not shy about anything. And the fact that he knows he is good looking? *speechless* *bows to Master*

Of course, I can’t leave without some BTS from Love O2O *wink*.




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