W-Two Worlds: Fangirling Over Lipseu Episode 12


Me: I’m thoroughly excited for this episode as I’m expecting more questions answered and probably a reversal of the damaged done. One can hope and dream at the same time, right?

Nelly: The new and improved Kang Chul. Aka Kang Chul 2.0. Yes, I’m excited as well!

Mari: I’m still here! Sorry for the delay! The Moons took my “life” away! 


Me: After the usual “intro” plus the closing scene of the previous episode where Kang Chul ask the question if he was the husband that Yeon-Joo is talking about, everything stopped like the first time he found out that he’s a manhwa character. And like the first time, a portal opened. Ta-da!

Nelly: The dramatic effect *giggle*

Mari: ahhhh so if the characters in a manhwa became “self-aware” ( also if this also works for anime, Team Rocket might be walking around!) the window to the other world opens. Also, why is he so nonchalant now? His first time he went insane? 


Me: Of course he wanted to see the writer, like last time but thankfully this time around he knows better…

Nelly: Omo, look at her. She must be so exhausted from running here and there!

Mari:I guess calm Kang Chul is better then Crazy gun holding Kang Chul. Also my poor girl! She technically has not slept in 1 month. 


Me: I have to add this cause I need an answer. How and why is offering ramyun to someone “racy?”

Nelly: Ramyun is hot and spicy *wiggles brows*. Get it? *wink*

Mari: I don’t know either, but our married unnie is probably right. 


Me: Soo-bong’s reaction is priceless. I bet he’s thinking “here we go again!”

Nelly: How a grown up man can be such a wuss? The pitch of his screams was a sore painful!

Mari: random by why does this actor ( the doctor) look hot here, but like such a dork in the other drama that just needed? Styling? Also, you all know Soo-Boong is just fangirling when he screams? 


Me: Yes, she’s just tired. No need to bring her to the hospital. She’ll be okay with some cuddle. ^_^

Nelly: I know, right? Cuddling is the best medicine ever! Especially with Kang Chul ^^

Mari:I was a bit surprised he was so willing to let her go alone. Then I panic thinking he might go do something crazy. 


Me: Poor Soo-bong, always forgotten.

Nelly: Hahaha sorry Kang Chul, Soo Bong doesn’t exist in your world! He’s a nobody T__T

Mari: I have to keep reminding myself that Kang Chul really does not remember anything. 


Nelly: Our very own McGyver! Sigh… Isn’t he so cool? I now want to go back to school and major in Computer Engineering.

Mari: I honestly don’t see how this is different then just turning the screen off. I do however love that Soo-bong got to meet his idol. 

Me: Me too! Not that I don’t love pulling things apart already. LOL. And more LOL because of Soo-bong asking for a handshake in the midst of Kang Chul’s brainstorming.


Nelly: *laughs* look at him… fanboying over Kang Chul.

Me: He’s never gonna wash his hands! NEVER!

Mari: Never ever washing that hand! Ever! 


Me: And because he wants to prove that he really is smart, Kang Chul continue to “think” on the situation.

Nelly: I admit it really challenges him. Kang Chul 2.0 is awesome!

Mari: The writer has no clue what’s going on, so let’s just sit him in a chair & have him look hot! 


Me: This here is a better confrontation than last time. See, you should have been calmer the first time you saw him. He’s as helpless as you are, he’s not a God.

Nelly: Yeah, he’s no longer a God. He can’t even control his own manhwa now. Sad.

Mari: The threads start unraveling here for me ladies! This speech makes zero sense! Writer Oh created the manhwa, he technically is the God of it, he was full power & control. 


Me: At first I thought that the villain was frozen in time too so I freaked out a little when he moved. Seriously though how  does he know when the tablet opens? Why is he moving? Why is Kang Chul not shooting?

Nelly: But what stop him from shooting him, though? Seriously, he should have! Urgh, I was so disappointed with this.

Mari: He can’t shoot him! Remember he is disappearing because he can’t be the main character in his manhwa anymore. He needs to clear his name & go back to hero status if he wants to not be Casper. 


Nelly: By the way, is that the gun he’s been hiding from his first trip to the real world?

Me: I think this one is the gun from the director’s death. The first gun he brought to the real world he just took from some “frozen” police officer. Sorry, I keep track of guns. LOL. Back to Kang Chul and the now you see it now you don’t hand.. This is worrisome.

Mari: I honestly don’t remember where this gun came from! Oh, wait! This is the gun they drew on him when he killed his ahjussi friend. 


Me: WOW! Just wow! I must say that’s one hot man. How is that ever possible? He’s wearing a white shirt; since when did wearing white shirt make men look so HAWT?

Nelly: Every handsome man in the world must own a white shirt. It’s a mandatory!

Mari: This exchange was cute, I love that’s she’s a bit freak out. Yet in my head I keep wondering why he is putting so much effort into it. He has only seen her a handful of times. How can he have feelings? Also poor SooBong, he is now an ATM 


Me: Yes, you don’t have to look so flushed. After all the chaos of the manhwa world, you get to have a date in the real world.

Nelly: I’m down for a date with Kang Chul. 

Mari: *pushes you all out of the way* mine!!


Me: This is unexpected. But then he doesn’t really know anybody so yeah. Plus Soo-bong did say he’s a fan, not that it’s a ticket to ask for things. LOL

Nelly: He asks nicely, Soo Bong.

Mari: Give him all the monies!! He must buy skinny jeans now!!! 


Me: I think someone should tell him not to ask questions like that if he doesn’t intend to see the end anyways. Don’t just say it, DO IT!

Nelly: Gosh Kang Chul ah…. *blushes*

Mari: I was annoyed by this. Again he does not know her! 


Me: And the room inspection begins. This is so embarrassing but at least he’ll get to know her better.

Nelly: I bet he sees her heart more and more…

Mari: Whydidshenotlockthedoor!!!


Me: Awww.. So sweet.. But I don’t think it’s ever possible for Yeon-Joo to forget you Kang Chul.

Nelly: She drew her dream man. I don’t think he will ever be forgotten. 

Mari: He can’t imagine her pain either! 


Me: Now that’s more like it, take it slow. We need to go slow.

Nelly: Oh Erl…. *blushes*

Mari: She loves him so much. I feel like I’m invading her privacy by looking at the way she looks at him. 


Me: I take it back, i take it back! I need more kisses!

Nelly: I must have been on different world but is this their first kiss since director’s cut?

Mari: I’m completely ok with this. 


Me: Please tell me you have a brilliant plan of your sleeves Kang Chul. Please.

Nelly: Just say it!

Mari: Mari is going to call out bs of the following plan!!! 


Me: I knew it! Here’s the answer I am looking for! Now I understand why their plan failed. The villain saw Writer Oh first!

Nelly: Writer Oh is so exposed! And now the villain is taking all the credit!

Mari: Makes no freaking sense! Why would Writer Oh be afraid of the killer? Kang Chul just tried to stab him & could not harm him! So why would the killer be able to harm him? That aside, her dad sucks!!!!


Me: Damn! Why would he promise something to the villain anyways?

Nelly: So the dream was nothing but the villain’s plan?

Mari: No, the plan was to get rid of Kang Chul & have the villain be the main character. When they reset the world, the villain did not go along with it. Why? Reasons! 


Me: That you did, now you have to make up for it. You need to fix things fast.

Nelly: Kang Chul 2.0 will clean up the mess. I’m sure of it. Hwaiting!

Mari: I voted we start all over, then we can think this out! 


Me: Attagirl Yeon-Joo! Speak your mind! Tell him it’s not fair.

Nelly: Well, she’s a big girl and no longer the comical Yeon Joo we saw in the beginning. I’m sure she can handle it all again. 

Mari: Love her! He does not understand that she’s the one that suffered alone. 


Me: At this point I’m really excited about Kang Chul’s plan. Did he see the connections of things?

Nelly: OMG he’s way smarter than Writer Oh! But first, let Soo Bong finish his ramen, first! Poor boy… always gets interrupted while eating his ramen *giggle*

Mari: *throws hand in air* what???!!?


Me: WOW! Just WOW! That’s all I can say.

Nelly: This is the coolest scene ever! How did he travel between W and real world? I need this ability so I can transport myself to stand next to Gummy! *sticks tongue out*

Mari: I give up!!! But I like his shirt! 


Me: YAY! He got him! YAY!

Nelly: *weak hooray* but THIS seems to be so easy, though!!! I’m skeptical! 

Mari: * sitting on couch with arms crossed* 


Me: Time to turn this show around sweetie; your turn Yeon-Joo.

Nelly: Yeah, I still don’t know how he can transport himself between the two worlds. Can someone care to explain this to me? I’m a bit slow!

Mari: This drama is brought to you by KIA! A reliable brand in any world! *waits for KIA to send check for promoting* 


Me: Is that what I think it is?

Nelly: What is it???

Mari: if you think it’s dead Kang Chul, you are right!!! Because!!!! Why not! Nothing else makes sense. 


Me: This is brilliant! But does that mean that he’s planning to stay in the real world?

Nelly: Yeon Joo, his pretend wife, is in real world. But this means he will be penniless. 

Mari: look! Hot, tall & hunky  puppy still here! Let me play with him. Distract me from this mess 


Me: It’s back! And look at that smile. He’s so happy to have his ring back.

Nelly: Your wish is my command, sire *wink*

Mari: mmmm this is just silly! That ring is not his! It’s Kang Chul 1!!


Me: It amazes me that now he can just go back and forth as he pleases.

Nelly: Right? And also scary! What if he lost control of himself and get transfer to W unknowingly? 

Mari: *still sitting on the couch with arms crossed* writer-nim we must talk. 


Me: Look at you being jealous of yourself. This so reminds me of The Moon That Embraces the Sun. LOL

Nelly: The new and improved Kang Chul. With better sizzles *giggle*

Mari: *full pout* 


Me: Back to the sweet and I’m really loving Kang Chul 2.0. He’s more reasonable and logical than the first Kang Chul although they are one and the same. He has a clear grip of the situation, he’s not angsty and he’s out to find long-term solutions for him and for Yeon-Joo. Now that’s more like it.

Nelly: Yes and this time Kang Chul is calmer. He put a lot of thought before action. He was quite emotional before… I love Kang Chul more and more! 

Mari: Sorry for being such a Debbie Downer guys! But if you are completely going to change a story on me. I need at least a ray o logic! You can’t just mention words and hope I go along with it. So if you change your rules constantly, the story becomes pointless & a mess! If you are going to go full crazy at least let me have a shower scene so I can be distracted. 



One thought on “W-Two Worlds: Fangirling Over Lipseu Episode 12

  1. I’m not sure what to say for this Ep! Pretty slick plan though not sure why it will work and when crazy daddy will escape again. I understood why he was able to go back. He said if in the real, fictional character can summon any character. So. Technically he summoned himself and the killer. This writer had to be a fan of Twilight Zone and maybe The Outer Limits. Still a super strange drama


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