Currently Watching:Hajimemashite, Aishiteimasu

v3wjbedl_f0739a_fThis drama, Hajimemashite, Aishiteimasu, is a drama I can relate to. And perhaps other couples can relate, too. This drama is very warmly and hearty. This drama will bring you to tears. YOU ARE WARNED. This drama makes me tear up all the time. I look forward to the episode when my tears are replaced with laughs. A family drama everyone should consider watching it. So far, 7 episodes have aired. To my knowledge, of course. I don’t really know how many episodes this show will have. Neither AsianWikiAsianWiki nor MDL has an official count. Well, we will find it sooner… But from the way I see it, I suspect we need another two episodes to complete the series. I hope I am right!


Hajimemashite, Aishiteimasu is a tear jerker drama. A couple of 10 years, Mina and Shinji, have been trying but the bundle of blessings never come. Mina is a pianist and she teaches from home. Mina faces numerous setback in her life and being a daughter to a famous composer, the pressure to win is extremely high. But, at the age of 35, she really needs to put extra effort into her work. Her husband Shinji is a decent man working diligently as a public servant. One day, a boy was found hiding in their home garden. He was filthy and his appearance was bad. The boy doesn’t speak and acts very primitively. The couple reached out for help and found out through a child care service officer that the boy has been living in a poor environment. To add salt to the wound, he’s been abused too many times. It was sad, indeed.


The officer placed him in an orphan house but he later went missing for days. They found him back to where he was found in the first place. Mina and Shinji’s garden. Shinji thinks this is a sign from almighty and immediately look up for a possibility of adopting the boy. Mina was skeptical in the beginning. She has to prepare for her competition. And she is not ready to be a mom. But she succumbs to his persistence. The temporary adoption was granted to them. They brought the boy home and tried adjusting their new life. Except that they overestimated their ability.


The boy was named Hajime, which means a blessing if I’m not mistaken. But Mina had a hard time adjusting. The boy didn’t speak in the beginning. Everything seems hard for her. She doesn’t know how to react or behave around him. And everything he does, she disapproves. They even sent Hajime back to the child care center but regretted their decision and took the child back. Hajime eventually behaves like a normal kid. It was not an easy change at all. But Mina and Shinji are too happy with the improvement the boy has become. Their relationship improves and they become a tight family unit. Until… his maternal grandmother shows up!


Hajime was taken away but Mina and Shinji wouldn’t let him go. At this point, the attachment is too strong. They believe they are the better parents than Hajime’s real mom. I think we will have a happy ending to this drama but I don’t know how the writer is choreographing it. All I want is happiness for all. If you would like to watch this, make sure you have your tissue box handy!



9 thoughts on “Currently Watching:Hajimemashite, Aishiteimasu

  1. Definitely another great drama that is overlooked for romance and comedy! I love the J-Dramas about life in general because they seem so much more real; sometimes too real! I’m glad we are watching this one and now that I’ve hooked you, I have a few others you MUST-SEE!!


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