W-Two Worlds: Fangirling Over Lipseu Episode 13


Me: Wow! Like episode 12, this episode is a roller coaster ride too! And it ended with tears! Oh my God! I can’t! Could someone please hold my hands?

Erl: I volunteer! I need more than holding hands, though, I need a new box of tissue. I’m bawling here! NOOO!!!

Mari: I just finished the episode and I’m crying. Is our OTP ever going to get to be happy?

Me: I don’t know. I’m scared to death!


Me: I do not like this at all. On what ground that the villain thinks he is damn influential now?

Mari: What plan is this? Plan F? Once again we are getting the set up of how everything should play out. It looks a lot like Kangaroos Chul’s original plan, the assassin gets caught.

Me: Kangaroos Chul? *laughs* Is that your new puppy name?

Erl: I love his dedication to keep this story flowing smooth. Also, interesting name for a puppy. Hmmm..


Erl: This is why I say he is smart. I think he almost has all the bases covered.

Mari: Kang Chul’s want to leave nothing to chance. He makes sure his body is found with a letter where he incriminates the Assemblyman.

Me: Sigh. I think it is depressing to plan out your own death.


Mari: In case you missed it, once the assemblyman finds himself cornered. He will want to get rid of anything and everyone that might incriminate him. So he will hire someone to kill the assassin in Jail. This is what Kang Chul’s means by “simple-minded”. He will always want to save himself first.

Me: Is it really? Even though the villain is caught, I wouldn’t underestimate him, Kang Chul. The man has his own mind and soul now.

Erl: Yeah, don’t underestimate the villain. I figure Kang Chul is only a few steps ahead of him anyways. The structure  that Kang Chul laid out tallied with the Assemblyman’s character now I’m crossing my fingers that it does play out as expected.


Me: Typical congressman and his goons. Money buys everything in SK…

Erl: On some parts of the world as well Nell but hey, at least he’s constant.

Mari: See, same behavior again.


Me: Don’t pick up the call!!!! DON’T!!!!

Erl: Dear Soo-bong, next time you want to eat remember to turn off your phone.

Mari: lol. He will never get to eat his ramen right away.


Mari: She’s so pretty! She’s glowing!

Me: Ooooh she looks so happy…. It’s the calm before the storm, though!!!! Aish!

Erl: I really have a bad feeling about this. Happiness = Tragedies most of the time.


Me: This amazing transformation… Creepy yet beautiful. But he’s not beautiful. Not at all.

Erl: IKR! Almost magical! If only…

Mari: In case you were confused, this never happens. This is what they hope will happen  once plan 34567 is set in motion. The bad guy needs to die if writer Oh wants his face back.


Erl: This is something unusual. Watching people leaving flowers on your tombstone.

Mari: How many people can claim they went to their own funeral?

Me: Well, he looks happy to see his funeral went smoothly *laughs*


Mari: I guess meeting the parents is awkward for everyone, even rich CEOs. I think it does not help that they both tried to kill each other before.

Me: Awkward… I would take a step back. Or two. Look at Writer Oh’s glance!

Erl: Awkward doesn’t even cover it with this setup. I mean your daughter marrying the character of your comic book. Hmmm.


Me: So Kang Chul 2.0 is way smarter than his creator! I laughed so hard at Writer Oh. Nothing he does could beat Kang Chul right now. The man was upgraded to a new and improved software lol

Mari:  Lol. No, he is not smarter. Writer Oh just made Kang Chul good at everything. So even outside the manhwa, he continues to be that way.

Erl: Let’s not forget the fact though that this is just an expectations. This is how Yeon-Joo wants things to turn out to be and she’s detailed.


Erl: And of course dates are a must. A MUST!

Mari: Their dates were so sweet! It hurts that they technically never happened.

Me: Baby Kang Chul is definitely pweeeeety! Squeeeeee!


Mari: Mad Dog is all of us when the story we love goes crazy. Would any of you turn into anti in real life?

Me: Would you like me to be anti-fan, Mari? It ain’t pretty!

Erl: Ahmmm, no, I won’t. I’m too depressed as it is to start hating too.


Me: This trashy talk by the  professor, though… He is, undeniably, the most let down fanboy we have ever seen! lol

Erl: LOL. He has high expectations that’s why! If he only knew that he’s talking to the hero of the manhwa..

Mari: Can you imagine being a regular reader? With as many random accidents that have happened. I could totally understand fans’ frustration.


Erl: Oh my! Kang Chul is having a lot of fun confusing this doctor.

Mari: No matter his anger, Mad Dog is still a Kang Chul fanboy. How can you not be? Dude is hot!

Me: Bahahahhaha awkward


Mari: As Nelly would say. This is not good. How are they in the same world again?

Me: I know!!!! Mayday mayday, the world is overlapping!

Erl: Foreshadowing. Things are definitely taking a wrong turn!


Me: I don’t have a good feeling on this!!!! There is no way he could escape the room on his own!

Mari: warning something is not right! Warning!!!

Erl: *bites nails* I’m scared..


Mari: pff* I love that Kang Chul pretends to get what’s going on. Also, someone please take that horrible shirt off him & burn it!!!

Me: He’s trying to write his own legacy! The way I see it, there will be no happy ending to W.

Erl: No happy ending? What happened to their resolution? I need a happy ending! Kang Chul, make it happen!


Erl: AAAAHHH!!! NOOOOO!!!! What’s happening?!!!

Me: Oh my… LORD!!!!

Mari: Frak! Seriously! Frak!


Me: His last attempt to get out. Urgh, I hate him so much! Also, how in the world he gets to transport back to the real world ? Did someone turn on the monitor?

Mari: *begins to explain to unnie, realizes she has no idea* Remember Kang Chul’s speech earlier about his secretary. He thought of her & she appeared in front of him. Same here, Kang Chul was putting his plan together & thinking of this dude. So he got transported too.

Me: This is stupid! Why is it not working on me??? I’m thinking of Kang Chul right now! Why is he not here? Wait, can I get my Gummy? *giggle*

Erl: Ah, if we could just summon people just by thinking of them… I’ll have Taec. LOL


Mari: Dear writer, please admit you have no clue either. Also, this actor is scary.

Me: This actor is a chameleon! I’m liking him a lot more now!

Erl: He’s good, I’ll give him that. Creepy AF too!


Me: I am very torn right. Do you think he should have met with the villain?

Mari: Keep in mind that Kang Chul has studied both men. He knows how they work, so he knows that they would have had contact. It’s the obvious place to go to.

Erl: Exactly. He knows it happened before. He’s the best bet!


Mari: Magic!!!!!!

Me: He is a zombie, Congressman!

Erl: And he’s possibly a weed persisting to live. LOL


Erl: See this here. He pretty much knows why he’s created.

Me: Nothing can stop his determination! His mission was to wipe Kang Chul’s family. And now, he’s determined to do so with Yeon Joo. Urgh.

Mari: He is really going to kill her, I kept hoping she would disappear and be safe.


Me: Really? Like right now??? Bad timing!!!!

Mari: Screw Rules now. What happened to Kang Chul being able to control his travels?

Erl: I call a time out! Time out!


Mari: Are his Jeans distressed all the way to his butt?

Erl: Can I possibly unsee that?

Me: Ack!!! Really bad timing!!!


Erl: NOOO!!! Please, NOOO!

Me: Seriously???? Will she die? *tears*

Mari: *rocks back & forth in corner, crying*


Me: Face off time!!! In that small tiny KIA *giggle*. Mission: Kill In Action – Kang Chul style (disclaimer: no KIA was ever hurt in the making of W – Two Worlds)

Mari: why did their airbags not deployed? Also, anyone knows what type of guns these two have? I feel that they should have run out of bullets quicker.

Me: The power of manhwa. You get unlimited bullets!

Erl: There are handguns with 36 rounds, it is all depends but yes, it’s a manhwa, they get as much ammo as they want.


Mari: Blood & a wedding ring.

Erl: A true declaration that he is the husband.

Me: I can’t help but admiring his arms. I wish I could touch it.


Erl: Somebody hold me, please. *sobs uncontrollably*

Me: *gulp* this can’t be happening!

Mari: nope! Nope! Nope! She’s the main character, she’s not dead!

Final Thoughts

Me: I like this episode a lot more than previously. It has more action and humor. But I’m also curious now. We have 3 episodes to go and Kang Chul shot the villain to death. So now what? Did we miss anything in this episode? I’m also worried about Yeon Joo. Will she make it alive? Wait a second! Is the writer going to add another variable to rewind back so that Yeon Joo will be alive? If this happens, then the villain will be alive too! God, we are so toasted!

Mari: I’m going to complain again. I totally dislike the set up of this episode. They have done it before where they explain a “plan” & what would happen afterward. They kind of make it seem like it’s really happening. Then the villains change the plan. So all the cute dates we saw today, never happen. Only their coffee date was real.

Erl: I’m lost, confused and emotional. I was really thinking that what happened on the last episode was too smooth, too good to be true. At this point I don’t want expectations to be thrown at me, I want the actual one. I agree with Mari on disliking the setup of the episode. True we want to see lovey-dovey moments but we don’t want to see them as an imagination. Give us the real thing, fast!




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