W-Two Worlds: Fangirling Over Lipseu Episode 14


Me: This episode is not for those of you that faint at the sight of blood. There was a lot of blood in this episode. Most of it was Kang Chul’s and it was very hard to watch! Will Kang Chul be able to get his girl back & have a happy ending he desperately wants?

Nelly: I survived the blood, Mari! I did! 

Me: after we get our normal “previously on W” we are back in the emergency room with doctors & nurses trying to revive Oh YeonJoo. Eventually, they are able to get a heartbeat again *exhales the breath she was holding*

Nelly: I literally couldn’t believe she got shot and transported back to real world. So glad we got a heartbeat, though!

Erl: Thank God she got transported to the real world. I shudder to think what could have happened otherwise.

Nelly: I knew what he’s up, too! He wants to erase all the evidence associates with him! 

Erl: Was he this smart before? Who knew?

Me: Before we figure out what’s going to happen to Oh YeonJoo. Let’s meet up with bastard… I mean Han-Cheol who arrives at the factory (?) to find a car crash, a dead Han SangHo, 3 dead henchmen and a puddle of blood. But instead of you know, calling the police, he goes around removing anything that can be traced to him.

Erl: Ah, at least one of their theories are correct. Lookie, face!

Me: look who has a face again! Writer Oh is back and wakes up with memories of hurting Oh YeonJoo. Also, I demand that SooBong gets his amazing happy ending after all he has endured!

Nelly: I agree with giving Soo Bong his well-deserved happy ending! 

Me: SooBong & writer Oh rush to the hospital. There they are given the news that Oh YeonJoo is alive but brain dead. Her changes of recovery are low. Also, both she and her husband disappeared.

Nelly: I’m not surprised. Being penniless in a real world… It’s not his thing. He will do whatever to get her up again.

Erl: And I feel there’s more to it why he took her with him, but let’s see how things will play out.

Nelly: They magically vanished into the thin air!

Me: I love that the nurse looked under the beds for them. Yes, nurse, the brain dead woman & her husband are under the bed!

Erl: She must be really going out of her mind cause yeah, that’s a first.

Me: I hate Writer Oh he is such a weak man. His response to his daughter being gone. Let’s drink! Also, OMG the pain in Kang Chul’s eyes! There’s no good news coming.

Nelly: I think Writer Oh is exhausted, too. And so is Kang Chul. 

Erl: They’re both mentally and emotionally drained. Kang Chul in my opinion looks like he’s mourning.

Me: nope, nope, nope,  Kang Chul explain that he took her back to W because there was no hope. There he got the same prognosis and after 2 weeks she only opens her eyes, looked at him & died. Nope nope nope!

Nelly: I’m crushed! Could someone turn back the clock? 

Erl: NOOOOO!!! *sobs in a corner!

Nelly: So disappointed with Writer Oh. Jumping off the building will not solve the problem, sucker!

Me: This man! Seriously was going to jump off the building! Hate him! Thank god Kang Chul was able to stop him. I’m glad Kang Chul even full of grief can think.

Erl: He’s determined, he believes it’s not over until it’s really over. That’s the spirit.

Me: I was hoping Kang Chul would punch him. But he can’t because he needs him & he is his father-in-law so yeah… But guys! We need a tablet!

Nelly: But how? Where can we get the tablet?

Erl: Maybe they can get it fixed I mean has time he destroyed it Yeon-joo got it fixed, right?  He smashed it with a fire extinguisher before. It’s possible! They can bring her back to life. 

Me: Kang Chul explains to Writer Oh that for him, Oh YeonJoo is his humanity. He must get her back! He won fail. I swoon!

Nelly: He is one determined man! My kind of man… 

Erl: Yes, Kang Chul, we need a happy ending. Make it happen.

Nelly: This is brilliant!!! But fudge, now that A-hole took it!

Me: sigh* of course, there’s a second tablet! And, of course, the bad guy has it!!! Why would it be easy?

Nelly: Nothing is easy now! 

Erl: Oh, I wasn’t expecting the tablet to be in the manhwa world but as long as there is one and as long as Kang Chul can get it back, I’m okay.

Me: Kang Chul zaps himself into Han-Cheol office in W and gets knock out. He wakes up tied to a chair & with Crazy Cheol demanding answers. To make matters a bit worse, Han-Cheol now has a basic idea of how the tablet works.

Erl: EEEEP! Some of the secrets are out! Not good, not good!

Nelly: *audible gasp* NOOOOOOOOOOO! Reset! Where is my reset button?

Erl: *Covers eyes* Can’t look, can’t look, can’t look!

Nelly: It hurts me to see him bleeding to death like this! Even Soo Bong is feared for Kang Chul’s life!

Me: Han-Cheol is officially batshit crazy & beat uri Kang Chul to a pulp with a pipe! Poor SooBong, who freaks out when he gets a notice that there’s a new W episode.

Nelly: You’ve been summoned, Soo Bong! Now go do your magic!

Me: yes! Finally, SooBong gets his name in W! But wait when did we make the 30 min rule? How did Kang Chul know?

Erl: I think the 30 min rule was established when Yeon-joo first came into the manhwa world. She usually just stays for 30 mins, right?

Me: Kang Chul manages to pique Han Cheol’s interest when he tells him the tablet is a “resurrection” tablet. Kang Chul feeds Crazy Cheol just enough info to get him to go to the hospital. This is great! No idea why Crazy Cheol would care. Curiosity?

Erl: Greed! That’s why! I mean it’s a “magic” tablet, of course he would love to get to use it to the fullest.

Nelly: It keeps the show going! That’s for sure!

Erl: And boom, here comes the delivery guy!

Nelly: I hate that he is in our world! Urgh…. Send him back! SEND.HIM.BACK!!!!!!

Me: Ha! Crazy Cheol gets transported to the real world by Kang Chul. How awesome is that SooBong gets in on the action & they get the tablet back!!

Nelly: She’s awake! Rejoice!!!

Me: Now that Writer Oh has the tablet he can bring back Oh YeonJoo. But not good that Writer Oh is also disappearing.

Erl: Why is he disappearing? Is it because he’s the “villain?” Is he still tied in the manhwa I mean his character died already.

Me: Oh YeonJoo is transported back to the “real world” and calls SooBong. Yes, she’s, ok. Where’s Kang Chul? SooBong can’t find him!

Erl: Yeah, where is he? Isn’t he supposed to be back in the real world too? I’m confused! Can somebody please give me directions!

Nelly: Oh sh*t, is Kang Chul stuck in W?

Erl: WHAT? What do you mean?

Nelly: Final Episode!!!! Oh, my god!

Me: Oh YeonJoo catches up on what’s happen by reading the manhwa. She runs outside to wait for Kang Chul and suddenly the weather changes. She’s now back in W & the words “The Final Episode” appear in front of her.

Final thoughts:

Me: What! What does that mean? That we just witnessed was the final episode? Or that the final episode is about to start? Or is Kang Chul dead & this is it? Ahhhhh

Nelly: Final Episode is starting! Oh my goodness, are we ready for this? Two more episodes, ladies! Two more episodes!

Erl: I don’t think we’re ready for this baby. We need therapist, that’s all I can think of.


2 thoughts on “W-Two Worlds: Fangirling Over Lipseu Episode 14

  1. Hi, allow me to ask, whether are you intending on reviewing ep 15 and 16. esp the finale? am curious to read. (coz its been a week already from the closing.) but nevermind take your time, understand that we all have our day job and is busy. FIGHTING!!! jia-you!


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