Just Dropped: Prince of Wolf


In the beginning, Bel and me (and my kiddo A, too!) were excited to start Prince of Wolf. The sort of Tarzan-like story got us intrigued. A and me look forward every weekend to catch up on this Taiwanese drama. I was skeptical. Too good to be true, to be honest. I’m never a Taiwanese drama fan. Never at all. It’s hard for me to complete one. My most recent one was Bromance. Even that, I was so close to dropping it. Bromance is lucky to have Baron, the only element that made me stay to the end.


Right now, the fate of Prince of Wolf is ending at episode 8. I just can’t move on any further. The juvenile acting by the female lead, played by An Amber as Mimi, got me turn off big time. On top of that, her character was written poorly. I refuse to go on with this show. Prince of Wolf was so entertaining, cheesy and fun in the beginning. 2 episodes later, it is no longer fun. The show gets painful with numerous misunderstanding and with Mimi believes in every rumor she heard. I mean… The WTFuckery is beyond your imagination. What a disappointing series. The only part I enjoyed the most was the kid scene. That’s all. In the beginning, I wanted to put this on hold and continue later. But now, I’m more hesitant to even look at it. Prince of Wolf is going down the hell hole. To the drop list it go!



9 thoughts on “Just Dropped: Prince of Wolf

  1. The thing about the newer TW dramas is they start off good andvthen spiral out of control and add random and even more unnecessary plot twist or shall we say, plot holes. I was waiting for y’all to finish watching before(I made the right decision) Bromance was great because Baron is great😂😂 sad truth


  2. I have made it to episode 4 and doubt I will go back. Cute beginning but the future family/business drama that was about to begin was a major turnoff. And you are right the main female lead is just a bit off especially since she is supposed to be a mature lady, not a young girl.

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    • Mimi’s character is poorly written. And just thinking of her made me shudder. I’m so glad you’re dropping it. Nothing more to see. I heard Mimi continues to be a pain to watch. Your decision to drop is wise, my friend. I approve 😆

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