Just Dropped: The Mystic Nine


No matter how much people rave about The Mystic Nine, I simply could not hold my interest. One of my readers said I should hold on until they leave the cave. Yeah, the cave scene got me yawning so much. Too extensive; as if they are dissecting layers after layers of dead bodies. I heard that The Mystic Nine is the prequel to The Lost Tomb. I really want to watch The Lost Tomb but I’m not sure if I am able to hold my interest since I give up on this drama. I did promise myself that I will pick  The Mystic Nine again. I really am curious. But not now.


So what makes me drop the show? It did not have the quality I was looking for. My heart was not hooked on it. I also found myself wanting to fast forward more and more. I simply lost interest and have no patience. And the dubbing part? I just cannot NOT ignore it. It bothers me a lot. I’m notorious for that. It makes a lot of sense for me to just quit it. William Chan as Fo Ye is cool, though. I was looking forward to his chemistry with Zanilia Zhao. Everyone seems to love their on-screen chemistry since both actors are friends in real life. Too bad I quit before I get to see it. EXO Lay feels woody to me but he is beautiful as a Chinese opera singer and in character. Undeniably beautiful. That’s all.


As I said before, I might get back to it when Bel starting it. I need someone to push me. Yeap, I’m using her *giggles*.



3 thoughts on “Just Dropped: The Mystic Nine

  1. It gets better WE FINALLY SAW THE MYSTIC NINE and we have romance. I haven’t watched the last two eps but the eps leading up to them were amazing. And yes, I hated the caves 😒😒😒 I couldn’t wait for them to leave


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