W-Two Worlds: Fangirling Over Lipseu Episode 15


Me: This episode got me tear up! I’m embarrassed but those tears were real, ok?


Me: Our main characters are now fully aware that the battle is ending soon! But what is the solution to this? Han Chul Ho is still effing alive!

Erl: It’s a complete turn of event and I honestly do not know what to expect anymore.

Mari: ahhh so everyone is now inside W… this is not good!


Me: This is not easy for anyone, particularly for Writer Oh. To see his daughter alive in manhwa is a relief yet painful. If I were him, I’d like to be there when she’s awake.

Mari: He is a complete spineless wacko but you can’t deny that loves his daughter.

Erl: That he is. I’m glad that the plan that he successfully brought his daughter to life.


Erl: What just happened? *scratches head*

Mari: This is the part where Writer Oh realizes he is in W. The question is why him too? I understand Kang Chul & Oh YeonJoo but why Writer Oh?

Me: I’m so confused…


Mari: This should technically knock her out for months when she goes back to the real world. Also, why did we not get a nifty “time goes by” montage? Did they run out of money?

Me: Our sleeping beauty slept for a year… She must be very energized!

Erl: Now that’s a really long rest. I’m envious!


Erl: This is confusing. This girl has completely moved on? Hmmm..

Mari: I don’t like her, why is she still here?

Me: People move on…


Mari: Unfortunately for Kang Chul, going back to W, meant going back to Crazy Presidential candidate. So guess who is getting beat up again?

Erl: This beating up part gets really tiring to watch, though. It’s not like he would get anything from Chul. That’s not happening!

Me: My ovary hurts from watching this scene!


Erl: For a person getting sentenced, he looks really happy. Oh, and when did she get that clothes? She’s in manhwa world, right? Where’d she get the money?

Me: He sure looks good being in a prison for a year! Also, I love her outfit! So chic!

Mari: So Kang Chul is on trial for killing his sunbae, fabricating evidence & faking his own dead. I’m amazed it took them this long to get the trial together. Also, yes! She’s so pretty and he looks great for a jail inmate.


Nelly: I wonder why, too!

Mari: Good question! Why did his time travel powers stop working? I know they tried to explain it, but it made zero sense.

Erl: Well, maybe because it’s the last chapter? That’s what I’m thinking.


Mari: seriously? A gun & handcuff keys magically appear. I think this writer’s name is Deux ex Machina.

Erl: Does this mean that the tablet is back in manhwa world too? How? HOW? I need answers!

Me: Who’s drawing now????


Me: He’s coming to get you, sucker!!!!

Mari: Hide your self! If anyone deserves a crappy ending, it is you, sir!

Erl: I second that Mari! I need him to get beaten up badly!


Me: Lookout, he is coming behind ya! I’m loving this mental game on him now! Serves him right!

Erl: He’s really coming for you, Sir! It’s about time to hide in a hole somewhere! Fast!

Mari: He sees you when your sleeping! He knows when you are awake! Anyone ever realized Santa is a stalker?

Me: Oh girl… Do I need to hide from Santa, too?


Erl: That progressed faster than I expected. It brings more question to mind. At this point, should I give up on getting answers?

Mari: How did she know which coffee place to meet him at? Seriously! How? Writer, are you even trying?

Me: She’s a mind reader!


Mari: cheeky handsome bastard! How are you so charming?

Erl: That’s the only consolation so far, she’s pretty and she’s a really cheeky handsome guy.

Me: That lips…. oy.


Me: I’m so glad the house wasn’t locked! *rolls eyes*

Erl: Unbelievable! Isn’t this Writer Oh’s house?

Mari: in case anyone is lost. This is Kang Chul explaining what happens after he escaped from jail.


Mari: This cab driver was not very smart. Let’s tell the man that looks a bit deranged, that he looks like a serial killer.

Me: That glance! Sang Hoon is taking over!

Erl: So dad has a split personality now? Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde?


Mari: So yeah, writer Oh  inside W can’t get rid of Han SangHoon’s memories. He basically thinks he is him. This lands him in a mental hospital.

Erl: Ah, the loony bin. *shakes head*

Me: He’s officially gone crazy!!!!


Me: As a daddy’s girl, I would cry if I see my dad tied up like this.

Erl: Me too. It’s heart breaking. And yeah, am a daddy’s girl too.

Mari: I know Kang Chul tied him the second time, who tied him the first time?


Mari: So, who wants to hear the bad news, and the worse news?

Me: I want to know what were they discussing about!!!

Erl: I want to know where we’re going? I seriously am singing in my head right now. “Do you know where you’re going to?” We need a compass or something!


Mari: This was a sweet scene! She knows she can’t cook. Yet him lying made her feel good. Also, he genuinely loves her. I know a lot of people did not buy their “quick” love. But you have to keep in mind that she’s what made him real. That’s why he loves her.

Erl: And I think love thrives in danger, so I’m buying their connection.

Me: Can they stay like this forever?


Me: Just because… But it looks flat *sigh*

Erl: Let’s not go into the flatness of this. I was staring at an applebutt before seeing this.

Mari: skinny Jeans are bad for your circulation. Also for men, how do you have enough room for your “friend”?


Erl: Why him? WHY?!!

Me: Nooooooooooooooooo!

Mari: Seriously can we just draw an anvil on top of this guys head?? Also, someone please save the puppy!!!!


Mari: My girl has a plan!! Love that’s she’s always ready!

Erl: It’s such an advantage that they can just modify things but I wonder how they can’t brainstorm to fix the whole situation.

Me: It is never a good thing when she starts drawing again… Especially drawing while she’s in W world!


Erl: The other personality is back. Tsk, tsk.

Mari: Told you guys Writer Oh is nuttier than a jar of peanut butter.

Me: Oooh I love peanut butter! Quit distracting me with food, Mari!


Mari: So the bad news… There won’t be a happy ending for our OTP. The worse news, Kang Chul refuses to let Oh YeonJoo suffer anymore. If he lives, Writer Oh must die. So Kang Chul won’t let her choose. He is going to disappear from her life!

Me: This is torture!

Erl: I’m out of words.


Me: You’re one corrupted man! Either world you’re in, you will be going to hell!

Erl: The difference is you’re not going there, no matter how hard you tried.

Mari: leave puppy alone!!!!!


Erl: And there’s no way in, but is there a way out?

Me: Exactly how long are they going to barricade themselves in that house? Can’t she draw an escape route for Kang Chul?

Mari: I wonder this too. How are you getting out? The police should technically be surrounding the house. Does she draw an underground tunnel? A teleport machine?


Mari: Ahhh this hurts! He takes both their rings off.

Me: No no NOOOOOO!

Erl: What are they doing? Why are they even doing it?


Erl: Is that black coffee? Give here! Now!

Mari: lol. The writer is trolling us with this guy again.

Me: I’d like to see where is the dark circle!


Mari: I’m still so upset my brother kept texting spoilers for book 7 of the Harry Potter series. I was out of town & he was reading it already. Point? Spoilers suck!

Me: But I love spoilers!!!!! I’m a rare gem!

Erl: And that’s the reason I don’t get on twitter and Weibo so much lately.


Mari: This is every Kdrama viewer, no? We hate, he rant, we love. We appreciate, even if sometimes we do want to become the writers’ anti-fans.

Erl: Exactly! Despite everything, we appreciate and we cross our fingers that we survive or something like that.

Me: He is me. Everytime. All the time.

Final Thoughts:

Me: No thoughts. I need to watch episode 16 now!

Mari: I’m so ready for this to be over!!! I love the OTP, but the writer basically hates us. Also, I hate the stupid magical tablet!!

Erl: Mari’s words are so true. Let’s get this over with, shall we?



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