W-Two Worlds: Fangirling Over Lipseu Episode 16


Erl: It’s the final stretch people and they are running out of time. Will our questions be answered? Will our OTP survive? Will we have a happy ending? Are you all ready to find out?

Mari: I think I speak for all of us… yes!!!! Let’s get it over with! 

Nelly: Is it over yet?


Me: We start where we left off – Yeon-Joo and Kang Chul plotting the ending of the manhwa cause yeah, this is the final episode. And my nails are all short because of the biting.

Nelly: I’m just worried whether they will remain as couple or not *rocks back and forth*

Mari: This is a great idea! Make sure that there are no loopholes this time! You last few plans have backfired because of loopholes. 


Me: This is my exact reaction when they removed the rings, like what?! Is that the only thing Kang Chul can think of?

Nelly: I was shocked! It doesn’t make any sense! 

Mari: *defending her uri Kang Chul* but he is being selfless! He loves her so much he can’t see her suffer anymore. He knows that if her father dies as a result, the ending won’t really be happy. 


Me: Yes, you go girl! Tell him! It’s not like you could ever forget him anyways. After all that crossing back and forth just to be with him and save him. I know you can find better ways to end the manhwa.

Nelly: Yeap, you tell him! Being a coward will not change anything right now!

Mari: I loved her answer to his silly plan! Dude, this girl has been to hell & back because of you. She’s literally died, and watched you died ( twice!). If she can help it, she’s never letting you go! 


Me: I love you, too. Oh wait, he’s not saying that to me? Sorry.

Nelly: He meant to say it to me, Erl *wink*

Mari: I’m borrowing my own joke about KIA, I made on Twitter when I was watching this. KIA the perfect family “getaway” vehicle. Yes, I’m trying to be “punny”. 

Nelly: Thanks for sponsoring this drama, KIA! *not sponsored* 

Me: Poor puppy! But Chul, have you thought this through? You saved Do-Yoon but how are you gonna save yourself?

Nelly: Self-sacrifice. Kamikaze. I’m a bit annoyed with him now. He’s entering the lion’s den once again.

Mari: I feel the need to explain this… Crazy Chul has completely lost it. He kidnaps Do Yoon to get a hold of Kang Chul. His ultimatum is “bring me the tablet or I kill you hyung”. Seriously watching my sweet puppy bleed was hard! As you guessed Kang Chul would never let his hyung died so he shows up. 


Me: NOOOOO!!!!

Nelly: No worries, he’ll survive. He always does.

Mari: How many times has Kang Chul been shot? I don’t want to worry, but this is the last episode! This may be it! 


Me: I advise you to remain less curious sir. You know what they say: curiosity killed the cat.

Nelly: Sorry, our world will spit, chew and vomit you back to W! We don’t want you!

Mari: freaking psycho! This insane man is a presidential candidate. I know it’s fiction but it makes me wonder if all politicians are one step away from crazy. 


Me: *covers eyes*

Nelly: C’mon, Kang Chul! Take this A-hole down!

Mari: Fight Kang Chul! Fight! Don’t let this be our ending. I mean! Don’t leave Oh YeonJoo alone! 


Me: My questions exactly, why did you leave Kang Chul alone. He’s bleeding and he almost died in the lion’s den you know. Wait, a lion is also a cat, right?

Nelly: Exactly! No matter what, he’s your boss! He paid your paycheck!

Mari: Worst bodyguards ever or best? They were technically following instructions. Their boss told them to take DoYoon to a hospital, they listen. 


Me: Yes, it is him and yes he managed to get out but now Kang Chul is dying!

Nelly: *sigh* they left Kang Chul behind to defend himself alone!

Mari: Where’s Kang Chul? Why is he not answering the phone? *starts thinking the worse, slaps self to snap out of it* 


Me: NOOO!! He’s dying! where’s Yeon-Joo? Is this really happening? Tell me it’s a fake out, please!

Nelly: *bites nails* this is not how it supposed to be!!! 

Mari: Kang Chul may not make it guys! The fact that he keeps passing out and the phone calls to YeonJoo. They “scream” I’m dying. 


Me: I know that look. It’s like the look Sirus had when he toppled through the veil. This is making me sweat through my eyes.

Nelly: He is not allowed to die!!!! 

Mari: Of all the times for a character to not break the stupid traffic laws & do those illegals turns chaebol’s love. Seriously girl? Run across the freaking street to him!!!!!


Me: Is this really it? WHY? WHY?!

Nelly: Huh? What? This is the ending? At this critical moment? 

Mari: nope, nope, nope!!!! I refuse! I demand a redo! Someone from another world needs to draw another end dammit! 


Me: I need a moment.

Nelly: What the…???? Why now????? 

Mari: pretty much me… 


Me: She just lost her husband that’s why. Oh and she possibly lost her dad as well, that’s why.

Nelly: This poor, clueless doctor…

Mari: I’m surprised she’s functioning at all. 


Me: I knew one of this days Soo-bong is gonna have a breakdown. And I find it so funny that Crazy Dog found his match through him. Thanks, Soo-bong, you tell him!

Nelly: Finally!!!! I was wondering when he will break down and yell!

Mari: Crazy Dog meet Crazy Bong! Poor Soo-Bong, he is as stressed or even more stressed than everyone else. He just found his noona a mess on the side of the road, his hero died and his mentor is missing. 


Me: Question: How come she got out of the manhwa world but it seems dad didn’t? Dad’s human, right?

Mari: I believe her dad explained this in the last episode. When he killed the nurse to escape the mental hospital, he became part of the manhwa. 

Nelly: Yeap, he became part of the manhwa now. 


Me: I haven’t accepted the reality too. That makes two of us.

Nelly: I don’t think I can accept the reality, either. 

Mari: The poor girl just goes to the bus stop to cry? This is heartbreaking 


Me: Wait so it’s the end but it’s really not the end? What? *scratches head*

Nelly: Apparently, the W world keeps on going… Just like any parallel world would be. 

Mari: So… do I start my rant against the writer now? Or keep pretending? I’ll keep pretending. So this is a voice over by Do Yoon I believe. They drove to the stop and found Kang Chul barely alive & Oh YeonJoo’s car abandoned. 


Me: Yes dad, he’s been shot.

Nelly: But could someone release him, please? It hurts me to see him tied up like this.

Mari: Rules, never ever trust an old man that has countlessly betrayed you. 


Me: This is so cruelly brilliant! You go, dad!

Nelly: Yeah!!! I’m so happy he is killing him!

Mari: I’m so annoyed by theses scenes, but since I want Crazy Chul punished, I’ll cheer along. 


Me: Justice served!

Nelly: Just die! DIE!

Mari: A bit brutal but well deserved!


Me: Why do I have this feeling that Dad’s gonna sacrifice himself. Oh, can I just say this actor is really good? He managed to bring out different emotions from me – from anger to pity. It’s like a love-hate relationship.

Nelly: Yes, I agree with you. I love his character. 

Mari: For being such a spineless coward for most of the show, I liked this redemption arc. He loved his daughter & he knew that he killed so he could not leave the manhwa. Yet he made sure his daughter had a chance. 


Me: I’m bawling here. The sacrifice he’s willing to make. GAH. Somebody hold me, please.

Nelly: *sings* Time to… Say goodbye… 

Mari: Goodbye Cartoonist Oh! May you Rest In Peace. 


Me: The only explanation I can think of why he didn’t really die is because dad killed Han Cheol Ho. Right? Could that be it?

Nelly: Because the antagonist died before him… I guess so.

Mari: Yes, somehow Han Chul Ho’s actions & cartoonist Oh sacrifice made the manhwa “logic” work so that Kang Chul could survive. 


Me: Oh, she’s back. Do I really wanna see her?

Nelly: *ignores* next scene, please.

Mari: blah! Blah! Bland…. ahhh, but we must share that after Kang Chul gets out of the hospital he is arrested. There’s new evidence that clears some charges (the CCTV video of Han Chul Ho torturing him?) but he still faked his death. He can’t escape that. He must serve his sentence for Manhwa world to be ok. 

Nelly: for justice that the W readers don’t get to see… 


Me: And I thought I already shed all my tears for dad. *sobs, sobs*

Nelly: Here we go again. *reaches for the Kleenex box*

Mari: I love that Cartoonist Oh drew a picture of himself. Also, the letter *cries along with unnie* 


Me: This here, she’s still waiting. I think the reason she keeps coming back here is in her heart, she believes it’s not over yet.

Nelly: I don’t blame her. She lost him. It’s a big deal. 

Mari: I want to be mad at her & tell her to snap out of it! But the two most important people in her life are gone. She needs to mourn! 


Me: She left her phone at home and now she’s soaked in the rain.

Mari: Wait who’s on the phone? Could it be?? 

Nelly: Who’s calling? Who would be calling her???


Me: Awwww. Bittersweet.

Nelly: Omo! How? I thought he’s in prison? 

Mari: yes!!!! Yes!!!! *happy dance* he has come back to her! They are together again! I also need to share that in real time it’s been 2 weeks while in W ( Manhwa world) Kang Chul served a 2-year sentence. 


Me: They will definitely no longer be at risk of death. That’s another way of saying “and they live happily ever after.”

Nelly: I’m still curious. Will he still go back to W world?

Mari: If 2 people deserve a happy ending, it is these 2! Kids be happy!! 


Me: And it’s a wrap, folks! *throws confetti* Although I didn’t get the answers to the questions that I have, I’ll let it pass. Maybe just like Writer Oh delayed to give a distinctive characteristic to his manhwa’s original villain, there was also a delay in the delivery of the answer or most probably the writer is challenging us to work on the imagining part. Yes, that’s probably what it is.

On the other hand, some parts of this episode really left an impact to me, the first being dad’s sacrifice. It’s heartwarming and saddening at the same time that in the end, a father is a father. He wants nothing but the happiness of his child or in this case children because, in the end, he accepted Kang Chul as part of his family. Then there’s Yeon-Joo and Kang Chul. They never stopped trying and believing that they can make it, they are very determined.

Overall as I told Nelly, W – Two Worlds to me is like a tornado. It’s exciting at first but ends in disaster with the disaster being until the very end, I still don’t know how it happened that both worlds connected. I don’t buy that it’s because of the tablet, but yeah, I won’t get that explanation anymore.

In closing, can someone tell me what happened to Soo-bong, please? Thank you!

Nelly: I’m satisfied with the ending! I really am! Content with how it is despite the chaotic the writer threw to us. We survived! I must say I enjoy the roller coaster ride. Yes, many unanswered questions but, sometimes, it is best to leave it as that. I am happy with Han Hyo Joo’s comeback to the small screen. I really love her comical character in the beginning and her transformation from comical to frantic to a heroine. She definitely nailed it. Not a whole lot, but I’m satisfied.

Jong Suk came to no shock. He continuously to perform as an actor. I’m happy with his acting progress. I definitely look forward to his next project. I really want to see him in a heavy action drama. I hope he will consider it. As for the writer, she could have made it clearer and cleaner. She ran out of time, too consumed with every little detail in the beginning and in the end, she became less microscopic and sloppy. That’s not the way to end a great show, writer-nim! Plan better next time!

Overall, I’m glad this show is over. I really need a breather now. And, like Erl, what happened to Soo Bong? *sigh*

Mari: I think I’m cured of my Han HyoJoo allergy. She won me over with this show. She may not be the best actress but having to cry as much as she did & still look beautiful takes work. As for the story… *takes a deep breath* let me say I love the actors, they did their best when the writer lost it. I’m not as nice as unnie hoping the writer “meant” for us to understand later. I’ll call out the writer for her carelessness. You can’t create the world, make rules for said world. Then when the rules don’t suit you, change them! A good writer knows how to work themselves out if a corner. It’s not about shocking your viewers. I honestly stop caring for the show after the reset. Because that was such a cheap way of messing with our heads & making their  job easier. Ditto for once Kang Chul starts travelling back & forth between worlds. I’m putting this writer on my “avoid”  list from now on. My dislike grew even more after I read  her post interviews and she mentions that she does not care for final episodes. Wtf? How can a writer not care for how her story will end? That’s the most important part of a story!  In the end, I feel that if I had not been writing these recaps I would had dropped the show early on. My love for Lee Jong Suk also helped me stick around, but this is one show I won’t ever watch again like his other works ( I watched “I hear your voice” & “Pinocchio” multiple times).


What do you think?

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