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I was debating whether I should give up or continue. Each time I feel like giving up, You Are A Gift picks up again. But the reason I wanted to give up was not because of the drama, it was because of my schedule. As you noticed, I do not have time to blog lately. My work has consumed my life. Hence, my watch also affected. I am being very selective once again. It is not easy to watch, blog, be a full time mom, housewife and a worker. It is a miracle that I get to finish Working Mom, Parenting Dad. But I vow not to neglect my blog. It is my portal to release my tension from life. I will slowly blog again but it won’t be as frequent as I normally do. Bare with me, peeps *winks*


Back to You Are A Gift, this show finally completed on November 24th. I got behind but I’m playing catch up now. Today alone, I have seen 10 episodes so far. I’m currently on episode 100. I have 11 episodes to go. I really think this show could have ended earlier but the writer keeps adding new plots. I want to say it doesn’t make any sense but each time a new plot got added, the show spins around but it makes completely sense! The writer is cruel yet genius! *laughs* Yes, this is a compliment! It gets tiring but I don’t mind though. I really loving it! The characters can be really dumb, especially in the beginning, but they do grow as the show grows.


So here is a quick synopsis of this SBS show. Hyun Soo and Yoon Ho were university lovers. Yoon Ho wanted to marry her quickly and take her to the US because his family need to migrate there for his dad’s work. Yoon Ho’s mom dislike Hyun Soo in the beginning. But that was a misunderstanding because Se Ra, a girl who likes Yoon Ho, spread a false rumor on Hyun Soo. Once the rumor was cleared, they marriage proposal was approved and they got married right away. Hyun Soo’s family was superstitious and was warned that Hyun Soo will need to marry twice. They fear for Yoon Ho’s life knowing that this marriage will not last.


One day, Yoon Ho and his dad went for deep fishing. The boat sunk due to storm. His dad died and Yoon Ho went missing. Yoon Ae, Yoon Ho’s mom went into a deep depression. She cut her ties with Hyun Soo and left for the US alone. 7 years later, she came back with a new husband and new family. One of her sons, Ma Do Jin, has been trying to get Hyun Soo’s late dad’s work so he can produce it. But her family refused to release it. Do Jin fell in love with Hyun Soo and they eventually married. The catch? Do Jin is Yoon Ae’s stepson. Another catch? Hyun Soo has a son now – a product of hers and Yoon Ho. Yoon Ae and Hyun Soo rekindle back their mother and daughter in law relationship.


All these are considered rosy except that Ma Do Jin’s mom,  Tae Hwa, continuously trying to get her foot into his dad’s company. Her greed has caused a lot of trouble. She never considered her status as ex-wife as anything. In fact, she thinks her divorce was nothing and still demands money from the Chairman. Tae Hwa has a heavy baggage. She knocked Hyun Soo’s parents’ bike that killed her dad and injured her mom. Her boyfriend took the blame for the accident. After jail time, her boyfriend came back and demanded money. Not only that, he came to know that Ma So Jin is his son. He wanted to meet him but Tae Hwa fought back. If the Chairman knew, she feared that So Jin will not get the heritage. She then drowned her boyfriend but guess who was around to somewhat witness the scene? None other than Yoon Ho!


This tied up to the boat accident. It was Tae Hwa’s work that caused Yoon Ae to lose her husband and son. But surprise surprise! Yoon Ho was found coma and tucked in a hospice facility. Tae Hwa uses him as a weapon to get back on Yoon Ae and the Chairman. But don’t fret, people. Yoon Ho woke up from coma and got his memory back. The revenge started when Yoon Ho got his memory. He then slowly plotted his revenge on Tae Hwa for causing pain to him and his family.


As I said before, this shows is really interesting. I love the revenge but hate the journey. Tae Hwa is one cruel biatch. Hyun Soo is completely stupid and indecisive. I can’t stand her sometimes. Do Jin is so text book, refuse to walk on the grey line. He can be very disappointing to you. Yoon Ho’s logic is illogical. He is cruel but too softy. If you want me to sum this show up, it has lots of violence. Not man to woman, but violence between women! Verbally and physically violence. I really can’t! There are draggy parts but I overcame it.


I’m almost done with the show. I really wish Hyun Soo will end up alone in the end. Since Yoon Ho is back, she divorced Do Jin to make her family, especially her grandma, happy. You want to know my opinion? It’s a stupid idea! And because of this, I really hope that she ends up alone by the end of it. She can’t choose between Yoon Ho and Do Jin so… Now if you allow me, I’m going to finish this drama with grace! Even though it is full of evil *laughs*. But jjakkaman, this drama is not for everyone. If you can’t stand evil, you won’t stand You Are A Gift. Period.



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