Just Watched: Working Mother, Parenting Dad


Did you think I stop watching Korean daily dramas? Hell no! As the matter of fact, I am overwhelmed with an influx of subbed dailies these days! All of a sudden, I see many interests in dailies. And for the first time, I’m being picky! This is unheard of! I mean… Since when I started being picky with dailies, right? Really, Bel and I just couldn’t decide. Even Lena eonnie, too!


Recently, I was watching two dailies. I may add another one once the other daily drama is half way through. But first, let’s focus on Working Mother, Parenting Dad. I know what you’re thinking. It is a weird and long title. But before you judge, hear me out. Working Mother, Parenting Dad is my current favorite daily this year. I really can’t express how much I look forward to watching it each time Bel said the episode is up! This daily is unlike anything I have seen before. No romance whatsoever. Pure daily drama. Pure life. Pure Misaeng. You and I can relate with. And this is why I like this show. No screeching screaming and yelling. No pulling hair. Not much of dirty tricks. Smart characters! Genius children actors. Awesome and funny background music! To sum it up, this show is brilliant, smart and witty!


There are three main couples in this show. They are all in different leagues but came to know each other via work. The women and men are balanced in terms of career wise. Jae Min and Mi Soo are considered the power couple of the show. They are both working hard to support themselves. They are also very driven in their careers. When Mi Soo was pregnant, her awful boss asked her to resign rather than taking a maternity leave. The company acted unfair to female employees. Her husband Jae Min decided to take paternity leave for 6 months. It is uncommon for men to take paternity leave and Jae Min definitely set a new path as a working dad!


While on leave, Jae Min started hanging out with Il Mok. Il Mok’s wife, Ye Eun, works in the same team with Mi Soo. Unlike Mi Soo, Ye Eun is driven by greed and she is forever competing for the best – even if it means to sell her mother’s soul. But Il Mok is a heavenly husband. I still don’t get it what he sees in Ye Eun. They are completely opposite partners. Il Mok lost his teaching job and failed to nail on one. Instead, he did odd jobs like being a waiter and a delivery boy. Sadly, he is terrible at it. But what he’s good at is cooking. His son goes to school with Jae Min’s daughter. Besides, he and his family move to the same apartment building as Jae Min’s. And that’s how they know each other.


Jae Min and Il Mok started as friends and they decided to brainstorm the idea of childcare when Jae Min fail to find an available spot for his newborn. They both decided to run a community daycare from Jin Sung’s (Mi Soo’s colleague) apartment and their idea started growing bigger and bigger. When Jae Min came back to work, he pushed the idea with his boss. Clearly, his corrupted VP continuously shutting the idea down. The fight became worse and worse but Jae Min is a fighter and did not give up on the idea. Together with Il Mok, he rallied the community and colleagues to support daycare in a work place.


Meanwhile, back with Ye Eun. Her lacking in ideas has pushed her to cheat and steal Mi Soo’s hard work. Mi Soo collaborated with Jung Hyun aka Cinderella Mom to come out with a recipe book. Ye Eun tried to steal Mi Soo’s deal from Cinderella Mom. When she failed, she pursued another blogger. Unknowing to her, that blogger is none other than Il Mok, her husband. It’s a small world, isn’t it? Anyway, Il Mok refused to work with her. Ye Eun gave up on him and let Mi Soo have it. But she didn’t stop there, she continued to be a pain in the butt for Mi Soo and her colleagues.


Cinderella Mom and Mi Soo became very closed. She not only had helped Mi Soo, she also supported Jae Min’s idea of community childcare. She lent her time and energy but somehow her effort was misunderstood by her husband, Hyuk Ki. As a renown physician, Hyuk Ki has big egos. He’s a firm believer that women should be suppressed. He wouldn’t let Jung Hyun work and insisted that she delivers homemade lunch to his office daily. When he found out she’s a blogger, he forced her to quit. Instead, she filed for a divorce. This was a slap on his face. Hyuk Ki eventually changed but it took a lot of effort on his part to realize what he did to his wife, to his daughter, to others and to his employees are wrong.


Working Mom, Parenting Dad is a hidden gem daily drama that you don’t stumble every day. If you have the time to watch it, please do. It is worth 120 episodes (ie. 62 hours) of your time! I really can’t understand why aren’t many people in my circle never consider watching a great daily drama such this. It is entertaining and a drama full of plots you and I can relate! MBC does a great job of picking this drama. I don’t mention lots of characters here but besides the couples, we also get to see Jae Min’s nasty mom. She’s not as nasty as you would think. She’s just very old-fashion woman. Also, another character you will love is Ye Eun’s stepmom and how later on, they will realized that she’s Mi Soo’s biological mom. Yeap, some makjang there. The kids are wonderful. You’ll come to love and hate them. More love than hate, in my opinion. Ahhh… What a gem. It’s a 10/10 rate for me!




4 thoughts on “Just Watched: Working Mother, Parenting Dad

  1. I would LOVE them to make more dailies like this!! This was a gem that NO ONE watched!! I mean NO ONE! Even on Soompi, the big drama there is Women’s Secret!! Lots and lots of talk on that one! Oh well, onto to the next two!! Just when I said, let’s take a break, Ji Han AND our Kang Eun Tak entered into the daily world once again!!


    • The minute you mentioned Ji Han, my heart skips a bit. Am I making a mistake by not watching it? But Eun Tak though, I really can’t. I love him to pieces! He’s my daily man!

      But yes, a gem that no one is watching it but us! How sad!!! I really hope some network will pick up in Asia and air it. This drama deserves lots of love!

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