Currently Watching: Nigeru wa Haji da ga Yaku ni Tatsu


A contract marriage drama! Wow! And it is done with a twist!!! Oh my goodness, why don’t I think of this idea before? *laughs* I should have make money off of my husband! I mean… yeah, I should get paid to be a housewife, right? Well, this is what Nigeru wa Haji da ga Yaku ni Tatsu is all about. Hey, what’s the matter? Got your tongue tied? It’s ok, same here. Let’s just shorten it to Nigeru.


Anyway, this show is extremely addictive yet predictable. We know how it is going to end. Still, the idea is so refreshing it makes me curious more and more. The drama is directed and acted casually yet superbly. I just love every single bit of it. Even thinking of this drama makes me giggling. Nigeru aka We Married as a Job is a brilliant drama. Half way through watching it reminds me of Date. Similar style, in reverse. Anyway, Nigeru wa Haji is a sweet 10-episode drama. I feel it is too short because the show is super sweet, funny and downright cute! I really do not want it to end. So far 7 episodes have aired… I wonder how the next 3 episodes will be. By the end of episode 7, I was nonstop yelling baka at Hiramasa-san! You want to know why?


Well, here is the scope. Mikuri, always a contract employee, never a permanent was told that her contract will not be renewed. You know  how frustrating that can be. She has invested all her energy at work, again, for nothing. Her mom suggested to do an odd job. A house cleaner. And so she accepted a job to clean a bachelor’s home. Hiramasa-san small and cozy apartment. In the beginning, she work for a few days. And later her hours got increased. But because she’s not making a lot of money and the fact that her parents are moving out and away from her job, this means she will be once again jobless. Instead, she proposed a contract with her employer re: Hiramasa-san. To employ her as a full time, live-in housemaid! And that contract turns into a marriage contract! Brilliant, isn’t it???


Everything went well in the beginning. Hiramasa and Mikuri continue to have that employer-employee relationship. But suddenly an unexpected event happens. His colleagues got curious with his “wife”. Hiramasa-san and Mikuri started playing a married couple and hosted a dinner. His colleagues were curious over his relationship and found it odd that he’s suddenly married. From then on, the two started behaving weirdly. Actually, I take that back. Hiramasa-san started behaving weirdly. He is for sure confused and clueless. Mikuri, on the other hand, started developing a feeling. She sensed that he is, too. But Hiramasa-san has a confident issue. To say he’s ignorant and clueless on everything love, I would think he is not. Of course, this is his first time falling for love. But he’s an adult and he should know what a husband and wife OR couple relationship should be. I honestly think his upbringing got to do with it. And also, perhaps he’s been exposed to couples being rejected, it would scare him a bit.


My biggest frustration with him is his fear of taking a leap. He must have thought he won a jackpot by marrying Mikuri. She is a beautiful woman and it intimidates him so much. However, he made progress. Lots of it! They started making compromises. They have a “Tuesday hug” event. He got super confident since then but still second guessing himself. He did not make a move on his honeymoon vacation but kissed her on their way home. Clearly it was a great move but he thought otherwise and went on hibernation on her, again! Seriously, how can he chicken out again?


As I said earlier, the next three episodes will be very interesting. The preview to episode 8 was not a good one. I saw Mikuri left the home after their second kiss. I am dying to know what would happen but I wish that Hiramasa-san realize how precious Mikuri is to him. He better make a move and chase after her! I would be very upset if he did not! Overall, this drama deserves a multiple watch. I, myself, saw a few of the episodes twice or more. You should add this drama to your watch list if you aren’t watching it. It won’t be disappointing no matter how frustrating Hiramasa-san is! *wink*




9 thoughts on “Currently Watching: Nigeru wa Haji da ga Yaku ni Tatsu

  1. This drama is on the top of my ongoing drama list for now, Hiramasa is frustrating yet funny to watch LOL this drama really brought us up and down with hiramasa’s actions. I think his evolution from the stoic pro-bachelor to someone who brave enough to take a step in love is the bigger portion of character development in this drama.


    • I’m currently watching episode 8 and it’s good to watch him feeling frustrated with himself. Yes, we’ve seen him growing this much. I look forward to him peeling his final and thickest layer off of him. Can’t wait! 😉


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