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I confessed I am watching this show just to kill time. Sometimes the episode is intriguing but sometimes it is just a meh. But what keeps me going is Dean Fujioka. Yes, I’m watching this show for him. Dean in suits. Dean in glasses. Dean in trench coat. Dean in sweaters. Dean without glasses? I will need another post just for that! *giggles* Yeah, Dean, Dean and more Dean! I can’t get enough even though he is not the main lead. It is okay, I will endure the rest.


IQ246 is a Sherlock-style investigation drama. It can be funny, but not all the time. It can be quirky, but not all the time, too. Sometimes, I find it creepy. So I have mixed feelings with this show. I enjoy how smart Homonji-san, the lead character, is. He is not only genius with high IQ, but born into an aristocrat family with a heritage that could last for another two or more generations, Homonji-san is certainly blessed. However, he is different than other rich brat. He does not care for his wealth since it is an old money. It will continue to grow without effort. He has passion for knowledge. He reads a lot.


Homonji-san is bored to death. He has abundance of knowledge but does not have a place to use. One day, Wato Soko, a new detective was assigned to guard Homonji. It’s a weird assignment for her. On top of that, it is definitely weird to guard him when he already has Kensei, his personal assistant aka butler aka the man of everything. I found it weird that Soko-chan got assigned to be Homonji-san’s bodyguard. What for? I also find Soko to be annoying and her presence is not needed. For a detective, I question how she passed her exam. She can’t even fight!


Homonji is a character you either intrigued or intimidated by him. For me, it depends on the episode. He is a very intelligent man. His approach in solving cases is pretty nerdy. But he is haunted by someone. He knew he’s been followed but couldn’t figure who is it. By the end of episode 6, we finally got a glimpse of that person. Maria T. Who is she and what she wants from him? Well, you just need to watch it to know *sticks her tongue out*. I wish I could tell you how many episodes this drama is but sorry, I really don’t know. I assume 10 to 12 episodes long. But I don’t mind… As long as I can ogle Dean *wink*. Did I mention Dean looks hot in suit? *salivates*


5 thoughts on “Currently Watching: IQ246

  1. I like Soko. She is the comic relief in the drama and stands in as the Watson-like character. In narratives such as this where we have a “brilliant” protagonist, we have a Watson-like character to stand in for the audience to ask the questions that we would ask. Often, he/she is set up to be a bit dim, basically to make the audience feel better about ourselves. We may not be as smart as Homonji but we aren’t as dim as Soko. I can see her passing the exam because she studied hard; she just doesn’t have the creative thinking ability to address these cases, but then again neither do our seasoned detectives. She is the perfect pick because I can see how the police would think her naive enough to be manipulated by them to get info on Homonji. They have to know that he really doesn’t need a body guard. Everyone but her–on both sides–knows why she is there. However, once she is there, everyone in the house understands that she really isn’t the kind of “spy” anyone expected. She is genuinely a good person. Thus, despite how much they trick her with treats (I love how she loves food), they have taken her in as a member of that household in ways I don’t get the feeling she has been accepted by the police. She is clearly becoming more and more lyal to them. In last ep, it is clear she is getting the Dean approval. She (and the “not English pair) make me laugh each ep.


  2. Yes, and Soko’s assignment is like a running tradition in the department. Someone always gets assigned to the family. I can leave or take her but she is pretty funny sometimes; comic fodder for sure. But Homonji-san’s little sister is such a sweetie! To be brought up in such wealth and to be such an everyday woman is great to see. But why else are we watching this BUT because of DEAN DEAN DEAN!!!


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