Currently Watching: Suna no Tou – Shiri Sugita Rinjin


As always I do not put any expectations in any of the dramas I am started. Apart from Bel’s suggestion, I really have no clue what Suna no Tou is about. You already know I don’t like to read synopsis but this time, I got curious. When MDL categorized the show as thriller, psychological, suspense, family, drama and crime, my interest piqued. I mean can I get all that in one drama? Is this a joke? Am I dreaming? *claps like a maniac*


So when I started, I remembered having a Stepford-wives dejavu. Instead of moving into a rich neighborhood with white picket fences, Aki and her family moved into a condo in an expensive high-rise building. It is the kind of luxurious condo I could only dream. Anyway, Aki started mingling with housewives in her condo building. Her husband Kenichi is just an ordinary salary man and couldn’t afford many things. But this has been Aki’s dream to be surrounded by elite women. She knew her real place but forces herself into the crowd. To feel better. But little did she know the trouble she gets from the women. I feel sad for Aki. To satisfy them, she ended up neglecting her house chore. She became distracted. Her daughter went missing twice because of her. She became so irresponsible and clumsy as a mother.



While busy attending parties and pleasing the women, a series of kidnapping kids taking place. Aki doesn’t seem to be aware much of the case. So when his daughter went missing, she panicked. She lost her daughter in the middle of summer festival just to tend to another business that is not important at all. She lost her daughter again when she and husband attended the school camping. Aki is definitely distracted. But guess what? Her distraction is not only stemmed from the women, but also from Kohei.


Kohei is a coach in the community gym. He assists kids with tumbling, gymnastic, etc. He notices Aki the first time and paid immediate attention to her. In the beginning, the impression I got was that he sincerely liking Aki. Then I realized he was trying to get close to her as demanded by Sasaki. I will tell you about Sasaki later. Aki sort of sense it but decided to ignore his feeling. She even got warned by one of the elite women to back off from him. But Kohei continues to pursue her diligently. In the recent episode I saw, I realized he was asked by Sasaki to get closed to her. To destroy Aki. But what Sasaki failed to realize is that Kohei actually fall for Aki. He even confessed to her by the end of episode 7!


About Sasaki, where should I even begin? She got Aki into trouble numerous time. The very beginning, Aki happened to be in an awkward scene where she caught one of her neighbor cheated on her husband with a truck man. The neighbor’s secret got exposed in one of the gathering hosted by the ladies’ president, Hiroko. Someone spread out photos of the cheaters and her neighbor immediately suspected Aki. From this incident, the show started to lead us to Sasaki and her room full of CCTVs!!! Apparently, she controls all the cameras in the building. How scary is that! And it seems that Aki is her immediate target from the beginning. But why?


By the end of episode 7, the show finally starting to make more sense. A lot of sense. But should I spoil you? Let me leave a clue! Sasaki and Aki are related!!!! But not by blood! That’s all I can tell you. This show is quite mysterious and puzzling. The build up is quite interesting. I got partially bored around episode 4 and 5 mostly because I was annoyed with Aki. But as soon as Sasaki made a move, the show started to redeem itself. Although the show answered some of my curiosity, it has not answered my burning question on the ties between Sasaki and all the missing children. I also fear for Aki. She is too ignorant and a bit stupid. Her awareness is low. I don’t know how she is able to survive this long! Oooops, did I say too much? Hehehe go watch it!



2 thoughts on “Currently Watching: Suna no Tou – Shiri Sugita Rinjin

  1. I haven’t given up on watching! But my frustration level with Aki was so high, I had to wait for the later ep so I can get past her idiocy. But to hear that Kohei is involved increases my dislike for him even more; however, a lot more makes sense now….Familial relationships between the women? Interesting….


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