Currently Watching: Cold Case Japan


I have never seen the American version of Cold Case. I imagine it to be somewhat intense and sad. Why sad? Some of these unsolved cases are too old to remember and even though it gets solved, it only gives a closure to the victim’s families. Well, that’s my idea of Cold Case. I guess there may be more to it. What amaze me is not how they are able to give a closure to each case, but the case itself is pretty amazing. Bel sure knows what excite me. I really enjoy watching this drama.


There is nothing much to say really. The episodes are independent of each other. Not a single case related. Maybe one of the unsolved cases might show up again either on episode 9 or 10. But each episode is so unique! The plots got me wanting for more. You Yoshida as Detective Yuri is brilliant. Her smart and calming character even at her worse is very admiring. Kento, her younger partner, is not so thoughtful yet extremely attentive. I love the duo. By episode 8, you will see some retention between the two. Kento started dating Yuri’s sister. Yuri thought it is too cruel to do that because Kento just lost his ex-girlfriend (from suicide). Part of me agrees with Yuri. He will be unfair to Yuri’s sister. But part of me wants to believe that Kento genuinely falling for her sister. Well, it is all about timing and sure it is not convincing on Yuri’s part.


Cold Case Japan is a 10-episode drama. It is a very hearty, heart gripping and fulfilling show, in my opinion. Each episode left me either sad, shocked or angry. Yeah, this adaptation drama from the original Cold Case is brilliant. I really don’t want it to end. The cinematography is superb. The background music is freaking awesome! I hope they will consider a season 2. You should really watch it! It is a splendid drama!


8 thoughts on “Currently Watching: Cold Case Japan

  1. As you can expect, I did watch the US version and because Warners had their direct hands into this production, bringing the Japanese version of this great show was wonderfully done! You Yoshida was simply a brilliant choice for this drama! I’m also watching her in Medical Team and this great actresses versatility is so visible! Cases made you cry! Every time! Some made you so so mad! But everyone should watch this if this genre is for them! Sorry, no romance!!

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  2. On my list for the Holiday Break (Wanted to wait until the series ended because I know myself haha)! Watched the American Version and loved it, some of the cases made me cry especially when it related back to the Cold Case Team


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