Currently Watching: Suisho no Kodo


Suisho no Kodo. My latest crime investigation drama obsession. All I can say is intense. Super intense. I dare not look away when watching it. Apparently, this is a sequel to Ishi no Mayu. Well, guess what? It is on my next watch! Thankfully, even though Suisho is a continuation of Ishi, the plot is not related entirely. I do feel lost once awhile, though. I guess the first installment told us about Toko.


I just completed episode 4 and guess what I am doing (besides blogging it)? Rocking back and forth wondering what the fudge just happened! The show is so amazingly intense that I could feel my head will explode anytime! I am literally blown away by this hair-raising show! Clearly, I am speechless. The next and final episode will be another intense one. I can feel it! The question is… Can I handle it? I need a drink! NOW!


This drama focuses on Detective Toko. Apparently, she is the sought after detective after solving a serial killer case (featured on Ishi no Mayu). Partnered with Detective Hideaki, they are now summoned to another mysterious case. A bizarre murder in a dark room. In the beginning, they all thought the victim was covered in blood. But they further realized it was a bright red paint. Who would do such a thing? The two started their investigation but then realized that they were followed. Somehow, I think, the person is targeting Toko. Anyway, the clues led them to OX. Who OX is? I won’t tell you but it has to do with bombing and death.


Suisho no Kodo deserves 10 stars! I mean it! If you haven’t seen it, you should add it to your watch list! This show will leave you gasping. It seems that Toko is traumatized by the serial killer case. You will see her fear in her eyes even though she is determined to figure out the next bombing location. It is tough to be her. I am determined to finish the final episode next. I’m still recovering from the massacre that took place at the end of episode 4. I wonder if they will figure out who OX is and what exactly his beef. Please, please watch it if you have not seen it. I swear it is worth 5 hours of your time!




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