Currently Watching: Weigthlifting Fairy Kim BokJoo 

Ever hear of the phrase “Don’t judge a drama by its title”? That’s exactly what I did earlier this year when I heard this show  was being made. Then I heard who the leads where and I laughed hysterically & swore to not go near this with a 10 foot poll.  So I’m here to say.. I MariD was WRONG ( please note the time & date you read this, I might never say it again!)

This drama!!! This little drama has my heart! Every week I have a little countdown till Wednesday/Thursday. The amount of feels I have for this drama! If you follow me on Twitter you seen me gush nonstop, since I watch it raw and search all sites for information and translations. So why should you watch it? Do you want to spend 50 minutes smiling at your screen?  Do you want to watch a show that has a great family line, and some amazing friendships? If the answer is yes, the let me introduce this show to you.

Our main charater is Kim BokJoo (played by Lee SungKyung),  She’s a female weightlifter who is good enough to have people talking about her making the Olympics. She’s a bit frumpy, but seems to not care about her looks and enjoys being good at her sport. She’s an only child and lives with her dad & uncle. Her family runs a chicken shop and its often seen that her family gets along well. Kim BokJoo also has two very close friends who  Lee SunOk and Jung NanHee. They are all in the same program. They are the cutest group of friends. They love each other, talking about boys and  they love to eat!

Our male lead is the Adorable Jung JoonHyung (played by Nam JooHyuk). He is a swimmer who seems to have an easy life. He is good looking, charming  and everyone loves him. He’s an excellent swimmer, and constantly blows his coaches away during training. Yet has not made it big because he keeps getting disqualified before major competitions.

Our story begins when these two meet again because of a misunderstanding and realizing they used to be classmates as children. Jung JoonHyung for some reason just cant keep away from Kim BokJoo, she amuses him. He basically spends episodes following her around like a puppy that needs attention. Kim BokJoo finds him annoying at times and tries to avoid him but slowing their friendship grows to something wonderful.

Their friendship growth is helped by Kim Bokjoo falling in love with a different guy. A doctor who also happens to be Jung JoonHyun’s cousin, Jung JaeYi (played by the beautiful Lee JaeYoon, who is sadly never shirtless in this show). Kim BokJoo’s crush on the doctor leads her to become a client in his weight loss clinic just so she can near him. For some reason BokJoo is can’t tell Jung JaeYi shes a weightlifter and makes up a fake life where she’s a cellist. Her life gets a bit more complicated when JoonHyun finds out her secret and starts to blackmail her with telling his brother who she really is. Yet he quickly changes his mind and starts helping her. He goes as far as setting up a meet up with between BokJoo & his cousin ( its adorable to watch because he is helping but you can tell he is not quite happy doing it. Yet he wants her to be happy, so he helps her)

Needless to say her crush is one sided, the heartbreak is epic and BokJoo falls apart. Yet here is where the show is amazing. This girl has the best support system in the planet. She has two girlfriends that love her to pieces, a dad who supports any decision she makes even if he does not agree with them. Lastly she has the best boy friend in the planet in Jung JoonHyun. This boy will do anything to make sure BokJoo is happy! 

I wont say more because you have watch this relationship unfold to appreciate it. Weightlifting Fairy Kim BokJoo is streaming on Viki, don’t let anything keep you from this joy of a show! 





15 thoughts on “Currently Watching: Weigthlifting Fairy Kim BokJoo 

    • I wanted to talk about that but I was trying to keep the post short! It does feel like a college story. Yet I love that they are more mature than some of our adult kdrama characters. Every time they had a disagreement they talked it out! When he finally realized he had a crush he went for it!!! He is not kidding around!!

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  1. I needed something to marathon before the New Year and this seems like a good start. Been hearing goodies about it, so I will take your word for it since your praises of this has to be noted. Hehe


  2. Joon Hyung ❤️ Bok Joo SWAG couple for #forlyfe! Now who would have thought these two would have an amazing on-screen chemistry??? They had proven me wrong! And also, what an amazing drama to end 2016. I am trying to think what other great college dramas I’ve seen lately besides Weightlifting Fairy and In A Good Way… I can’t think of any.

    Chubs forever!

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