Breaking News: Pretty Li Hui Zhen


In three days, She Was Pretty remake Pretty Li Hui Zhen will be aired!!!! RIP me! I have been waiting for this drama for years! Okay fine, let’s tone down my exaggeration. For months. But who cares, it feels like years since Peter Sheng’s last drama, Go Princess Go. Now I’m dying to watch this drama. Where can I stream it? Anyone? Please…. Help this Peter addict out, okay??? *begs on the floor*

By the way, I promise I won’t drop this show. But I will be exercising my FF button a lot! *laughs*



10 thoughts on “Breaking News: Pretty Li Hui Zhen

  1. I had no idea there was going to be a SWP remake! This might be fun to watch. I didn’t last through all that much of GPG, and I did think Peter Sheng was stiff as a board, but he was also very pretty to look at. 😉 I liked looking at him a lot, heh.


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