Just Dropped: Shuttle Love Millennium


Sigh… Another Chinese drama going down again. I seem to unable to keep any of my Chinese dramas last to the end. With Shuttle Love Millennium, it was not about the dubbing this time. It’s the story itself. Going back and forth from one era to another between two men… I just lost patience with that. I get it. It’s in Chinese nature to explain everything piece by piece but… I just don’t like. And I got bored. Do I even need to tell you more?


The saving grace for Shuttle Love Millennium is Wei Da Xun. It is interesting to see how he is able to play both characters well. I could hardly recognize him. He is super bratty and spoiled as Sun Qi Long yet he is a different person in his manner, behavior and poise as Zhang Zhi Gang. I became totally mesmerized by how he carries both characters where he really made me believe that they are two different people.


I’m not happy with Puff Guo’s performance in here. I have seen her act in other dramas but she almost not herself in here. Her facial expression bothers me a lot. Yeah, that is singular. She only has ONE facial expression throughout 14 episodes I have seen. But I do like her clothing, that is the only bright side I could say about her. Sigh…


Shuttle Love Millennium is a 28-episode drama and as of now, I am convinced my heart is no longer with the show. Hence, rather than wasting my time, I am officially dropping the show. It is not grasping me at all. Goodbye!



4 thoughts on “Just Dropped: Shuttle Love Millennium

  1. And here I actually like it! The back and forth
    Don’t bother me as much as the lead actress for 2016! Yeah, Puff’s character and her expressions are one dimensional. This might be her first period drama, I’d have to check. But the lead guy makes this so worth watching! As well as I’m curious how the writer is going to tie this one up. Only 4 ep left and I see know way.

    Btw. Switch the names Zhi Gang is out 1936 character while the brat is Qi Long!


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