Just Watched: Evergreen Love


I need a pick-me-up after watching Never Let Me Go the movie. I saw the Japanese drama and got curious how the adapted novel is portrayed in the movie. It turns out the ending was still as bad as I remembered and the movie added further somber to this gloomy day. When I saw Evergreen Love in my Plex library, I can’t help but watch it. The movie poster looks sweet and romance is always my preferred choice.


In the beginning, I was confused by Sayaka, our lead. She has a typical office worker life. She has a 9-5 job and if she does not have a regular outing with colleagues, she will dine off of convenience store prepared bento, onigiri or ramen. And beers. Beers are a must. One night, she realized she needed more beer so she headed out to stock. On her way home, she heard a thud sound. She looked at the bicycle park garage and saw a handsome man collapsed. In the beginning, she was afraid. Later, she then forced herself to wake the person up. He got up and she got startled.


The rest is history. He asked for a food, she served her ramen and then the next day she invited him to stay after he prepared breakfast. I guess it was an instantaneous attraction from her. He told her he will stay for 6 months. It was February 16 and he will leave on August 16, right after her birthday. Their relationship blossomed from being a housemate to a couple. Strangely, Sayaka felt that their relationship is strong enough that it will surpass August 16. Sadly, he left. He really did. With no trace.


But then he showed up a year later. He sent her a book by him with photographed of plants. So why did he disappear? One thing that made it harder for her to search for him was because he never tells his family name. He never told her his address, too. This is why the movie was so interesting. And lovey dovey. Seriously mindless yet addictive. I highly recommend Everlasting Love.




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