Just Watched: When A Snail Falls in Love


Oh my god oh my god oh my god! Chinese drama gods must have heard my 2017 resolution!!!! I finished my first Chinese drama in the longest time. Sure, I started it in the late 2016 but the fact that I finished it, it is worth a celebration!!!! *throws confetti* Before I continue, I would like to thank Lena eonnie because she was the one recommended it to me. And y’all know my love-hate relationship…


So what makes me so engrossed with this drama? For a start, they speak common and accent-less Mandarin which hey, I could understand 40% of it. Secondly, it’s not dubbed! You know how I got turn off by dubbing. Thirdly, gorgeous cinematography. Unbelievably gorgeous and high-quality show. And lastly, there is no romance!!!! Wow wow! I like it. I mean, the romance is so puny it’s not worth mentioning at all. But it is there and it is sweet!


When A Snail Falls in Love is based on a novel of the same title. But truly, according to Mari, the show did not follow the novel thoroughly. For a start, the drama is told from Captain Ji’s view whereas the novel is from Xu Xu’s view. It’s a shame though because I really am interested in Xu Xu and her journey of becoming a part of the Myanmar team members. She’s a very interesting character to watch. She’s not unique in any other way but the actress made the character super unique. I am impressed with her. As Xu Xu, she does not use her petite physique as an excuse! Now that’s what I am talking about!


So the story introduce us to Xu Xu who joined Captain Ji’s team as a criminal psychologist. She has the ability Ji needs to assist with his work. The only downside to Xu Xu is her weak physique and her quietness. Ji had to personally train her and to get her up to speed in order for him to officially recruit her on his dangerous mission in Myanmar. The turnaround for her was when her roommate, Yao Meng, injured in one of the assignment. She saw Yao Meng suffers through gun trauma and that pushes her to strive better. And this is when Ji Bai acknowledges her as his team member.


The criminal case is interrelated and not so much of overlapping. You really need to pay attention from start to finish. What I love about this drama is the execution. Everything seems so real! And thank goodness the bombing looks real!!! This is no Hollywood style! Amen! Also, this drama gives me a Jason Bourne vibe which you know I am a huge fan! Surprisingly, even my husband and son enjoyed this drama from start to finish!


This is by far the best Chinese drama I have seen since Nirvana in Fire and The Disguiser. It is a 10/10 from me! I highly recommend When A Snail Falls in Love. It is a good addicting drama from start to finish. It was so intense and unbelievably extravagant. Sometimes the show focuses too much on the scenery but it really sets a movie tone. Great acting, great plotting and great story telling. If you have read the novel, I recommend you not to compare. The ending was sweet but it left a room for a sequel. Will they give to us? I really hope so!



12 thoughts on “Just Watched: When A Snail Falls in Love

      • The title make sense imo…it’s in the things she did when she realized she’s in love with him(in her own quiet ways of taking care of him be it physically or mentally)…plus, I think it’s not only about love, it’s also about the things/people she likes and care about. Like Ji Bai said to Zhao Han,once she realized the importance of her physical fitness, she will give her all to it. This doesn’t limit to only this, it’s true in regards to her job and things that she put her mind on. Ermm..am i making sense? Sorry, I’m not good in explaining things…😂


        • No no, I got what you’re trying to say 😉 it’s just that the romance is so puny in this drama. I was hoping that it shows her progress of her falling in love rather than focusing on the cases she participated. That’s what i said the title is a bit irrelevant.


  1. Yay! One of my top 5 infact top 3 shows from 2016. It was so good.
    Funny you should mention NiF and The Disguiser as they and WASFIL are all from the same production company called Daylight.
    You can see the quality in the production. Extremely topnotch


  2. same with me, I was surprised I ended up liking Snail that I even went on to watch Ode to Joy which I thought was too long ( and me not into modern C Dramas!) but amazingly found I loved Ode to Joy as well!
    Don’t stop watching Ode since I know you started it XD


    • Thanks for the follow, Devon. I honestly believe you should give this drama a try. In the beginning, the pace was a bit slow but it gradually picking up and became intense towards the end.

      Despite the title, you’ll only see 1% romance so I hope you’re fine. Good luck!

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