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I am sure you all know my 2017’s resolution is to watch as many Chinese dramas as I could. Well, I can assure you that I am making a great progress! After finishing When A Snail Falls in Love, I got so pumped and ready to watch more Chinese dramas. Pretty Li Hui Zhen, as I posted earlier, is one of my anticipated drama this year. Why? All because of Peter Sheng! I have been in love with him since I saw him in Go Princess Go! Even though his acting is a bit choppy and woody, I somehow couldn’t care less! *laughs* the power of love, could you tell? *wink*


As you all know Pretty Li Hui Zhen is a remake from Korean drama, She Was Pretty. So there is no surprising here. If you have seen the Korean version, I can assure you that the Chinese remake follows the story line very closely. There is a slight different but none related with the main and second leads. But between the two versions, I love this one more. The story telling is way better. It is told in details. I usually mind it but this time I am not. And I love Dilraba Dilmurat, the lead actress that plays Li Hui Zhen. I thought she plays dorky ugly (even though she is still gorgeous) really great! As much as I love Hwang Jung Eum, Dilraba does not scream like her. She is classier.


If you haven’t seen the Korean version, I highly don’t recommend it to you simply because I found the Chinese version way better.But perhaps Park Seo Joon may steal your heart a little more? I don’t know. Hard to compare sometimes. I dislike Jung Eum so much coz she was a bit annoying but Dilraba makes the character better. Her quirkiness, her clumsiness, her cuteness, makes Li Hui Zhen better! Peter, on the other hand, is so unlikeable! He made me angry all the time and his legit expressionless is legit tiring and frustrating! When I finally got to see him smiling, I can’t helped but to squee a bit. But overall, he is as woody as he was before. Again, do I care? Of course, not! *laughs*


Pretty Li Hui Zhen is all nothing but deceiving stories. Can you handle it? It gets me so pissy with faker Li Hui Zhen. She promised to stop and yet continues to play the role behind Li Hui Zhen’s back. I really hate this kind of character. Bai Hao Yu is as blind as he can ever be. He somewhat realizes the differences between the faker and the real but still refuse to use his brain to seek the truth! Urgh I’m so annoyed by him. I wanted him to feel pain and hurt when he realizes that faker is fake but for some reason, he accepted her! What the hell? This is not how it should be! Grrrrrrrr…. Also, not forgetting is Lin Yi Mu. He has his own deceiving story too. I will leave it as that.



While She Was Pretty was only 16 episodes long, Pretty Li Hui Zhen unfortunately is 36 episodes long. I wanted to feel disappointed but each episode is less than 42 minutes long and the Chinese makes it so interesting that the episode flew by just like that! I highly recommend you to watch this drama. It is cute and funny! If you are watching it, what do you like most about the show? By the way, can you believe it, I am on my way to finish my first Chinese drama for 2017!!!! Yay!

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28 thoughts on “Currently Watching: Pretty Li Hui Zhen

  1. I love this version Dilaraba is so cute and dorky!! Peter 🙂 hello Peter kyaaaa anyways love their chemistry. On thing I don’t like is the BFF,I don’t want to compare but this BFF relationship doesn’t feel as strong as the Kdrama one and at least in the Kdrama one I sort of (just a little)felt bad for her but this one–not so much. Also a plus, the magazine team members are nicer and helpful on this one.


    • Yes, kwen, Siwon did a better job as the second lead than KO. I am not feeling him as much. And to be honest, he picks on Hui Zhen terribly which I dislike. But the overall dynamic in this drama is great. Maybe because I am too invested with the show, I really love all 17 episodes of it. It feels like I’m watching a rerun – with a better cast, of course. Give it a 3-4 episodes watch and see if you like it.


  2. I’m here to be the the grumpy mean person in the blog, but unfortunately I’m dropping this one. I rage quit the original one, and I kept trying to give this one a chance because the lead girl is adorkable. I just can’t anymore, there’s a reason the original was only 16 episodes, the story is very thin and can’t really be stretched out without it being boring. I FF eps 16 & 17 so much I watched both together in less then 20 mins. Where did it go wrong? The lead male while adorable does nothing for me, the female bff sucks in this version ( I remember loving their sister bond and feeling pity for her) here, I keep praying for a truck of doom. Lastly the second lead is yummy but the character when not play by Siwon just comes off as immature and annoying. You guys keep having fun, Im going to go watch Rain oppa now that i have a free drama time.


    • Yes, unfortunately the relationship between Hui Zhen and her bff is not convincing. It seems that she uses HZ more rather than supports her. I adore the K-version relationship more. The story is thin and you know the Taiwanese and Chinese are notorious of stretching any dramas longer than it should. They simply love explaining simple things in details. At least I find it ok in here.

      I’m not going to comment on the cast because you already know my position on them. I’ll just continue to watch until the end even though I already know the ending. And hey, the show can’t rock everyone’s boats so… Enjoy watching Rain.


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  4. Currently at ep 5 and so far I’m really loving it! I’m not a fan of Peter Sheng though his acting plus his very unlikeable character is pissing me off. At the moment I’m rooting for Yi Mu (though I know it is not to be) and I find him so adorable. Of course I’m still very early in the series and my views might change.


    • Peter was so woody from start to end. But if you’ve seen the K-version, you know who won Hui Zhen’s heart in the end. I enjoyed the show because it told a better and thorough story. YiMu is a darling, isn’t he? His sheepish smile is so contagious. Just thinking of him now is making me grinning 😅😂


      • I know!! I’ll definitely be rooting for Yi Mu till the end. I didn’t watch the kdrama but I think I know who wins…I hope I’m wrong though. I don’t think I’ll ever warm up to Bai Haoyu, not with that acting.


        • Yeah, I don’t think you would. Though as much as I love him, but I only do because of his looks. His woody act worked in Go Princess Go (did you see it?) but not in this drama. I hope he is better on his next drama with Sandra Ma.


            • Go Princess Go was his first drama work. Yes, he is new in the industry. That’s why he’s kinda woody 😂. Oh my I am excited for The King’s Woman! The drama poster is unbelievably beautiful! Can 2018 be now???? I really hope it blow mind like Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms did!


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