Just Watched: My Runway

How would your life changed if you and a super model switched bodies? Not just any model buy one of the TOP models in the country. Think of all the fun, awesome parties, amazing clothes. One catch you are a female high school student and the model is male. Bring on the fun, awkward and laughs.

This is the story of Han Seo Yeon ( Park Ji Yeon of Girl group TARA) a high school student that dreams of becoming a model. Her dream seems to always be halted by the fact that she’s too short. Our male lead is Na Jin Wook (Kang Dong Ho)  a Top model who seems to not enjoy his life. He is rude to everyone around him, always looks bored and can’t seem to managed any kind words for anyone.

Life for both of our characters gets turn around when after a contest, where Na Jin Wook tells Han Seo Yeon she would never be a model; they end up in separate rooms in a norabang. One is drowning her pain at another failed audition.  The other is bored after being dragged to a  friends birthday celebration. There’s suddenly a random storm (they only happen when a writer need something magical to happen) and both Seo Yeon & Jin Wook are electrocuted and wake up to realize they have switched bodies.


Since they can figure out how to switch back they both decide to work together. Na Jin Wook has an important runway show coming up and Han Seo Yeon is willing to help. She’s way to excited about being a real model (even if it’s not in her body) and she loves the idea of living in an apartment with 3 very good looking guys. Cue lots of hilarious misunderstanding because shes a teem girl in a guys body and she constantly acts like a girl in front of everyone.

The show is very cute, its only 6 episodes and they are around 20 minutes each. I love fluff and this one is that. You know where its going but its still fun to watch the characters get there. I had not seen Park Ji Yeon since Dream High 2 and shes honestly not a bad actress, also very very pretty. The male lead also did a great job here. I was actually excited to see him, his last role as the robotic assistant in Wild romance left a good impression on me.




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