Just Watched: Never Die


Lately I started seeing influx of Korean movies, dramas and web dramas on Netflix. And then I noticed that not just Korean but plenty of shows from other countries too. I am happy that the network recognizes international shows and audiences. I browsed through my dashboard last week and saw Never Die. With only 5 episodes, I knew I could finish the show in under an hour.


The story was interesting and unique but the acting was very juvenile. I cringed at some of the scenes. Maybe because it is a web drama and they purposely make it extra cheesy? Or the directing was super bad? It’s a combination of many factors but to be honest, I didn’t care for any of it because I was dead focus on the story itself. I was curious. Dead curious.


This is not a vampire drama. But somehow the girl is immortal. She was cursed 600 (or maybe longer) years ago and the only way to break the spell is true love kiss. And that’s what happened to Se Yeon and Jung Hoon. They met at the oddest time. Se Yeon saved him from a car accident but she ended up dead. He felt so indebted to her and guilty that she sacrificed her life to save him. When he found out she has no family or friends, he felt it his responsibility to give her a proper funeral.


On the next day, he thought he’s seen a ghost but it turned out she came back from death. He was shocked and played along with her when she told him to leave the funeral hall. He was confused but started to feel ease after her explanations. She thanked him and decided to part ways but he somehow felt they should be friends. She thinks it’s useless because she hated to see friends aging and moving on with their lives while she remains stuck in her ageless body.


See what I mean? It’s interesting, right? The story could be spin around more better had it been a real drama. I think it’s harmless drama although some would discourage you. Yes, it can be ridiculous and childish but hey, I had a spare time to waste and I put it into a good use. If you plan on watching it, please leave your critical mind behind. It’s a webdrama, for goodness sake. It meant to be mindless.


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