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It feels only yesterday I started Goblin and today I realized that the show is ending soon! This is not a joke! How is it possible? It just started and we are only 4 episodes left? I have yet to watch the latest episode but since only one episode gets to air this week, I have decided to put it on hold until I can marathon the next 4 episodes next week. I don’t know, please do not trust me *laughs*. Gong Yoo has the power to suck me through his show! His good looks is so attractive, I can’t let it slide off my screen tee hee hee


The first time I saw Goblin, I was mesmerized by the gorgeous cinematography. Whether it is in Toronto or in Seoul, the views were breathtaking. Goblin has raised a bar in Kdrama land, no doubt. Beautiful landscape view. Amazing cast. Interesting plots. Except one thing… Weird age gap between the OTPs (not in real life but in the show). I know some of us have a problem with the age gap. I do not even put my mind into it earlier until today. Eun Tak is quite flirtatious for a high school student, to be honest. In fact, it is hard to believe whether she fell for our Goblin for real or by force. She muttered I Love You easily. How could she do that? How could she believe in love so easily? *shrugs*


If you believe in reincarnation, Goblin is the drama for you. And I find it interesting to see it in this drama. It almost gives me that deja vu feeling but isn’t. I’m so drawn to how the Goblin manages to stay immortal for hundreds of years while watching the world move on. It must be stressful to watch people in his surrounding aging and dying. This reminds me of lonely Se Yeon in Never Die. Being immortal, though envious by some, is pretty tiring. The key to stop being immortal for Se Yeon was a good true kiss. Whereas for Goblin? He needs a bride to remove the invincible sword that has been penetrating his body. But where can he find her?


Yup, the whole intention of this drama is to find his bride and to release him from this burden. But sadly, it takes decades to find her. When he finally found her she is still in high school. Urgh the horror! The age gap! But don’t fret, she did turn legal by episode 12 *grins*. Now, the only problem is… Goblin thinks he will die as soon as his bride pulls the sword. After realizing this, he suddenly has a second thought of dying. He finally feels that love is catching up and it is time to really fall for someone.


While he is going through some marital and life and death crisis, a Reaper moved into his home by way of his servant’s grandson. Not knowing his background was one thing, but having an awkward situation is another thing. But I truly enjoy the bromance between the Goblin and the Reaper. It is fascinating to watch two mid 30’s men bickering at each other yet finding peace and mutual interest. It is a joy, I tell you! And part of me keep wanting to watch this show is because of the bromance! I really wish they wouldn’t stop coz boy, it is a beautiful thing to watch them together. Quirky. Awkward. Mysterious. Cute! But it turns out the two are linked together in the past life. How are they related? You will need to watch the drama yourself!


Goblin is a 16-episodes drama. The first three episodes were nearly 90 minutes long per episode. But believe me, it felt shorter! This drama is worth your time. Though some part of it could be draggy and boring, but most of the time it is entertaining and interesting. The soundtrack itself is spectacular. I spent my Thursday afternoon listening to the it and really can’t wait to get hold of the album soon. If you have not seen Goblin, I highly suggest you to rush to the nearest streaming drama sites or if you prefer downloading, go ahead and download it because really… this is one of the few good dramas of 2016.



7 thoughts on “Currently Watching: Goblin

  1. I SO do not want this to end! D: From beginning to end, this drama has really drawn me in. My writing partner and I actually did a video on Youtube discussing the age gap controversy, haha. So much to talk about with that!

    I feel like watching the end of this needs to be an event. Like I’ll make bibimbap, and wear a red scarf, and post pictures LOL




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