Just Dropped: Hwarang 


KBS’s anticipated winter drama, Hwarang, started last year. I, along with the fangirls of the world, was really looking forward to this show. One of the reasons why this show got so many raves was the cast. They reminded me of Moon Lover, a group of handsome young (and hot) men in their mane of glory dressed in what appears to be Joseon-style pirate like. Also, the vibe that I got where modern music meets modern Joseon world certainly reminded me of The Knight’s Tale time even though the story lines are pretty much different.


Let me be frank. The reason I was drawn to Hwarang was because of Park Hyung Sik. Yup, he’s my one and only intention. I do like Park Seo Joon but he does nothing to my heart. Go Ara, no matter how pretty she is, is not my ideal babe. I don’t know; I just don’t feel her chemistry with the men. Furthermore, she annoyed me big time. I really despise her weak character. Now please, do not judge me because I only saw up to episode 10. She could be the weakest link in the beginning but who knows by now she is back stronger and more confident.


The story, too, weirded me out. When Park Seo Joon’s character, Moo Yung, pretended to be Ah Ro’s (Go Ara) brother when clearly he is not her long-lost, blood brother I sort of feeling uneasy. And then when the two developed some feelings yet suppress it because, ya know, they are “siblings” got me feeling really barfy. Ok, clearly Moo Yung knows they are not related. But Ah Ro though… she was attracted to him. Granted that she continuously reminded herself that her feeling is wrong, I still could not and would not accept it. *sigh* I am sure they have taken care of this misunderstanding. I am sure the two lovebirds feel relieved. But I wonder if Ah Ro felt cheated by her dad. It was her dad’s idea for Moo Yung to pretend to be her brother. They did it all to protect her. But really, she’s a big girl! I am sure she could take care of her own feeling…


Hyung Sik’s character as the snobbiest, arrogant, and blunt Maek Jong is really sad. He was forced to hide his identity as the next King. I don’t know why his mom refuses to acknowledge him. Is she power hunger? Why did he agree to her request? Maek Jong retaliated and joined Hwarang, an elite group of Knights. Maek Jong was not supposed to join but as he was so angry with his cuckoo’s mom, he entered the group as his way of revenge. Of course his mom was shocked! And she could not say anything out of fear leaking his, as well as hers, secret.


Now, the story itself is interesting. The drama, as I remember, is pretty funny. So why I dropped it? I don’t know… I just can’t past the cheesiness. For some reason, it feels as if I am watching Boys Over Flower. In addition, I have been so behind in my watch and decided to sacrifice Hwarang. I might watch the last two episodes just for my closure. But would I recommend it? Ya know, I can’t say I could. I had problems with Ah Ro so I most likely not recommend it. Sorry… (not sorry)


14 thoughts on “Just Dropped: Hwarang 

  1. Didn’t start: other than the older cast and Seo Joon i don’t care for the cast. Also, the trailer turned me off and idk why but I can’t watch anything with Go Ara, something about her idk Im never drawn to her, Ive never watched anything eith her and I don’t want to say it, but I probably never will. The storyline also sounds too cheesy– cheesy version of Moon Lovers. Im so glad you wrote this because Ive been meaning to get this off my chest and so many forum and insta peeps like this drama


    • Hahaha you can always be honest with my post 😅. This is my second watch with Go Ara. The first time was from Reply 1994. I don’t know. Like you, I am partial with her. She’s beautiful but that’s about it.

      And yes, the drama is so cheesy cute but I guess I’m not in the mood for it. Too bad.

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      • It’s funny, because ordinarily I don’t mind a girl being saved. Part of what draws me to Kdramas is they don’t feel the need to make women as obnoxiously “I do what I want!” as American girl characters on TV right now. They go for quirky and cute, and stuff like that. But the character on Hwarang is just…pointless. Why is she even there, honestly? She doesn’t have to be Wonder Woman, but dang. At least have a place in the plot other than “romantic interest!”

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