Currently Watching: Chanpon Tabetaka


Chanpon Tabetaka is my latest addition to my drama watch list. Though it is a 2015-produced drama, it was only recently a subber decided to pick it up and sub it. I really appreciate when someone does this. Such a great angel. We all know it is difficult to get Japanese dramas subbed. I don’t know what the reason is but it is difficult to even see Japanese dramas available on streaming channels. I really wish that these channels would pick it up one day. I hope they sorted it out whatever difference they have with all Japanese television networks. It is a shame that most of us couldn’t watch it because of them. The market is huge, people!


Anyway, Chanpon Tabetaka is a 9-episode drama produced by NHK. The show follows the life of Sano Masashi, a future violinist prodigy, who moves to Tokyo to follow his dream. His parent trusted him that he would go to school and attend his music lesson religiously, all while taking care of himself alone in his boarding room. Sano-kun is a smart child and he participates in a poetry class. One day, he faced a slump. He does not want to continue being a violinist. He starts singing and forms a music band with his friends. Even though the school prohibits their students from entering music competition, he and his friends went ahead and entered a music band competition. Though they lost, the experience they gained really uplifted the moods.


To be honest, this friendship drama is extremely boring. At least it is for me. But I really love the relationship Sano-kun has with his friends. He clearly unites them together. Right now, I am waiting for two more episodes. I can’t wait to finish it. And just be done with it.



9 thoughts on “Currently Watching: Chanpon Tabetaka

  1. Wow didn’t know someone picked it up for sub -Could you tell me where did you find the subs, please?-
    Doesn’t sound bad and I love Suda Masaki so, I’d take a look at least



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