Currently Watching: Fukigen na Kajitsu


If you are given an opportunity to cheat on your spouse, would you? And if you are inviting yourself to an affair, how will you stop it from damaging your marriage? I know, the questions are broad if you are not trapped in a scandal. And Fukigen na Kajitsu invites you to witness first-hand affairs, ongoing affairs, affairs without any string and unexpected affairs. All in all, these are forbidden loves. This 2016 drama finally received attention from subbers. Unfortunately, though, it is on hold. I have seen 3 episodes so far and currently patiently waiting for the rest of the episodes (4 of them) to be subbed. I hope I get it soon.


The story lingers around Mayako. She’s been married for 5 years but is extremely unhappy with her marriage. Her husband never fulfills her physical needs. By that, I mean, he is just not interested in her. On top of that, Kochi is pretty much a weird guy. Definitely, he is an OCD guy. He is also a momma’s boy which I found it disgusting. His relationship with his mom is beyond mother and son. His mom continuously pressing Mayako to bear her a grandchild and Kochi acts as if Mayako has issues in getting pregnant. The lies Kochi planted into his mom’s head is seriously sickening.


Mayako has been weighing herself. Should she reach out to her old ex for that physical connection? She went back and forth thinking about it.She is very faithful to her marriage and tries to make it work. But she reached her limit. She made a bold move and succeeded. She got what she wants. A sex affair with Kengo, her once successful playboy boyfriend. Kengo is a married man but has no problem with sleeping with her. She eventually felt guilty and ended it. Unbeknown to her, her husband secretly hired a PI to follow her around. Her photos with Kengo landed on Kochi’s hands. Mayako felt the pang on her face. What would she do? Confessed?


Now, you only heard one side of the story. You are yet to hear why Kochi refuses to sleep with his wife. When you found the reason, you will get angry. I did. I was livid. Never seen a man treat his wife this badly. Kochi is one wicked man. I really want to slap the heck of him. If I could, I would. As you see on the poster, this a chain affair. The worse part is you can never trust the people around you. Fukigen na Kajitsu is a provocative drama but it delivers the good. I really can’t wait to see the next 4 episodes. I want justice for Mayako. The woman deserves a man who loves her sincerely.



11 thoughts on “Currently Watching: Fukigen na Kajitsu

  1. I need them to finish subbing and unexpected ending, usually I don’t condone affairs I mean it but in this case idk😝😂😂😂 that man was crazy and so is his mom


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