14 Days of Fangirling: Day 9

Day 9: Second leads that will always be second leads


SadaThere isn’t a rule when comes to Korean dramas. Everyone who are handsome and pretty, and with an at least little bit of talent could get a chance to be a lead. One could move his or her career starting from web dramas and slowly to major production dramas. All they need is a chance. That’s it.


Me: Hmmm it’s hard to name them. It is funny that how Lim Ju Whan used to be main leads but now he persistently accepting second lead roles. And then there is Kim Jae Wook who always in second or third lead role. Choi Si Won is another actor that always the second lead, never the groom! *cries* Like Sada said, they all need to be given a chance and I agree. I especially agree with Jae Wook.


Mari: My beloved Kang HaNeul seems to have been fallen into this category. There’s also Ji Soo but I’m hoping that it is only because he is still fairly new to acting. For female actresses, there are waaay few that I like but wish they could get a lead are Lee Da Hee, Kim Yoo Ri, and the drop dead gorgeous Lee El. Give them a chance! Don’t curse them as second leads forever!


What do you think?

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