Currently Watching: Dansui


Bel knows I love ogling boys in dramas. Yes, boys. But hey, don’t call me pedophile just yet. My intention is right. I watch it because I know my son would love it. Before Dansui!, we have seen Suikyuu Yankees and Tumbling. I wanted to inspire my son. My husband and I are not into sports but we don’t want our child to dismiss this opportunity. And the least I could do is to allow him to watch such dramas. I just want to expose him.


But of course, by watching it, I could ogle them cute actors, too *laughs*. From water polo to gymnastics to swimming competition, it really gives a wide background to my son. Since he’s mind could retain a lot of information, he really could tell me his preference from one to another and vice versa! He said his favorite is Tumbling. Obviously, it is cooler. Fine by me *grins*, I shall continue to watch Dansui! alone.


It’s only 10 episodes long;  each episode is less than 24 minutes. It is an easy watch drama. The angst is nothing I can’t take. Dansui!, adapted from a real life manga of the same name, told a story of a swimming team who is trying to recruit more members but also facing some swift competition from other schools. Obviously, they are not good swimmers and need to be pushed.  Fortunately, Ryoya stepped in to be their coach. Unfortunately, he doesn’t give af! *laughs* He made the boys work twice, if not, triple harder than they already are! On the other hand, he’s the most handsome coach I have seen!


So, is it worth watching? It is a mindless drama and for me, it definitely worth watching. It’s a great filler drama. If you have a time, as if I do!, why not watch it? *wink* 4 episodes to go now…



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